Nightclubs from the 60's

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4 hours ago, philmayfield said:

Parkside Club. Yes I went there a few times!

I was a regular there too, expect we could have been in the same crowd, seeing as I used to go there with a gang who mainly lived in your neck of the woods, the water-ski crowd consisting of builders, carpet-fitters and the like.  Great times but strangely I don’t have many memories of The Parkside except the ladies loos where the cubicles were like padded cells, with fabric walls!  Miss Kathy bossing the ‘girls’ about and bar upstairs listening to my favourite music ........ when I hear Marvin Gaye singing ‘I Heard it through  the Grapevine’ it takes me straight back to those days.  I had a boyfriend who was a Captain in the American Army Special Forces, he came to visit me and I took him to the Parkside, he thought it was quaint!!  Mention that because ‘American Pie’ was popular at that time so that also reminds me of the Parkside.  

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I don’t think it takes a lot of imagination what the Parkside girls were up to.  I understand Miss Kathy had a mini version of a State Funeral when she passed away, the horse-drawn carriage going past the Old Market Square etc.  I was away from Nottingham by then so only know through hear-say.  

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On 12/22/2019 at 1:49 PM, Trevor Arthur said:

Hi it's Trevor wood here what did u want to know


Hi Trevor, so sorry I didn’t reply to this earlier! I’ve been off the site for a long time but caught up with it again yesterday!  It was a club on Greyhound Street that I went to in the 60’s... if you went in from the side of the Kardomah it was on the left in the bend? We used to go up a couple of flights of stairs, just cannot remember what it was called.  If you can help that would be great, thank you

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On 11/20/2012 at 5:38 PM, hippo girl said:

.you went in the ad lib from st Mary's gate( remember Gwen on the door) and the beachcomber was through a small yard. The bands were down the stairs.....


This answer's a long time query for me, went to the Garage many times in the eighties, knew that Jimi Played the Beachcomber..7th gig?

From the upstairs, the courtyard was accessed from a fire escape, there was what appeared to be an unused cloakroom directly facing the doors to the courtyard.

When in the courtyard, another set of very steep steps, to downstairs, the Beachcomber? this was under street level. Also recall an arch in the yard were you could sit.

In the late 80's...this was all closed.when attending the venue. Thanks,...


Edit..not the 7th..

According to Noel Reddings and Electric Gypsy book,Jan 14th, sure iv'e seen another date also.

Think there's a reference somewhere about how pretty Nottm girls are from Noel, this could be my own observations however..

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On 11/20/2012 at 5:38 PM, hippo girl said:

.....the Hippo club, which is where I worked was on bridlesmith gate and is now coco tang bar....still go there !!!!!!!

Hi Hippo Girl - I frequented the Hippo in the 60s and my Arnold pal, Big Dave (Dave Fell) was 'on the door'. Sadly, Dave passed away some years ago after managing one or two pubs in the Nottm. area. The Hippo was also the place where I met my wife to be in November 1968. On that night everyone stood around on the dance floor listening to a magical, live rendition of the hit 'Light My Fire' (complete with acoustic guitar). Would it have been Jose Feliciano? I remember you could buy a steak sandwich there which cost 2s/6p (12.5p). Fair bit of money then but they were delicious after you'd spent the night drinking! Note: Pint in a pub - 2 bob...half a pint down the Hippo - 2 bob! Not much change out of a quid them nights!

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