Arnold Ashley at the Three Crowns in Bulwell

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The Nottstalgia section features a pic of the Three Crowns in Bulwell. My Great Uncle, Arnold Ashley, used to run this pub during the 1930s, I think. He was also well known as a cricketer. He had a son, also called Arnold. Does anyone remember him? I am researching my family history and would love to get some info or stories.

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I've been at the County Archives today, mainly for my own stuff, but decided to look up a few bits and pieces which had appeared on Nottstalgia.

In 1935 Arnot Oswald Ashley (note the spelling, but that's how it is on the original electoral list) and his wife Sarah Ann were at 192 Main Street - The Three Crowns.

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Hey, thanks, that's really helpful. Now I have a date and a proper name (my Mum always called him Uncle Arnold though). I can't get to the Notts archives cos I live in Bognor Regis! Does anyone remember his cricketing prowess?

According to there is still an Arnott Ashley living in Bulwell!

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