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i was at the first night of the playhouse pantomine with my old school mate sheila last night althoughi enjoyed it i felt that this was just something lacking costumes and sceenary were great,jokes i thought were a bit old hat. there seemed to be a lot more adults in the theatre last night than children . i will be going tosneinton church panto the week befor christmas and have booked for peter pan at the roal so far this year need to check out bonnington theater soon to see what they have got christmas has begun whent to arnold cristmas toy run today another one tommorow from southwell to newark

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I used to work at a old peoples home and someone there had advertised that years panto as ALLADIN and I commented oh! it's going to be noisy then?

No one had spotted the spelling mistake untill I said one "L" two "Ds"

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we went last night ,brilliant we laughed all the way through, the 3d bit is worth the price of the tickets , booking for next year ,thats three dimensional by the way not half a tanner!

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Last went to the panto some years ago to see Peter Pan with John Challis as Capn Hook, it was dire, the audience sat in stony silence for the most part. Not a single Booo, Hisss or a 'he's behind you'

Asked the kids which bit they liked best - the acrobats.

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