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Spot on Moobylap !

Yes my Uncle was a miner, named Albert Wilson, aunts name was Francis, she has been dead qute a few years but Albert is still plodding on. He must be 80 ish now.

I still see linda on occasions.

Brilliant , small world hey . i told my Mother and yes she remembers the names now , thanks .

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On 12/8/2012 at 4:25 PM, Cliff Ton said:

This is showing around 1915-20. What you notice is that the street layout back then is identical to the way it is today.

There hasn't been any large-scale demolition in that area, so it hasn't changed. If you want to know the streets back then, look at Google today.


Well, you learn something every day! Just noticed this. It would appear that, prior to the building of The Manning, there was housing running across the site...Wilfred Avenue...and Stanley Road ran right down to Gregory Boulevard. I had no idea.

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Thanks for posting this - I was born on Windermere Road, which isn't named on the map.  It's the road between Ewart Road and Stanley Road, and runs from Berridge Road to Laurie Avenue.  North of Berridge Road it's Bradgate Road (?).  I was at Stanley Junior up to 1967 and then Forest Fiels Grammar to 1972. 

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