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They are all my Great-Great Aunties and uncles. Samuel William, who we knew as Billy, Was my great Grandad. I have pictures of Edgar in a hospital bed during the first world war.


And Samuel, who we knew as Billy was my Great Grandad and yes he did marry Emily Phipps around 1900

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I don't think it's being demolished. According to the planning applications on Gedling Council website, the building is being converted into apartments (for real people rather than students).

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On 2014-1-17 at 9:17 PM, piggy and babs said:

david there were a family of sheltons who lived on dunston st netherefield who were heavily involved in running the scouts leaders for many yearsour neighbour linda hill married there son rob and until recently was still a leaderat the cubs and scouts in netherfieldrob died a few years agobut linda still lives on dunston st this family might be related to your shelton relitives


Rob had a brother (Mick) and a sister (Carol - married name Comerie).  His dad was Cyril Thomas and his mum Evelyn (nee Hallam).  Cyril had a brother Sid and a sister Lucy (married name Moseby).  His father (Rob's grandad) was Robert William Shelton - I believe he was born in Carlton, but can't be certain.

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Am I right in remembering the armed forces used to park all their military vehicles on wasteland at the bottom of Carlton Hill, opposite Carlton square?

When I lived near Parks Corner I remember watching the convoy of tanks trundling past. About 1977/8.

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Hi any Carltonians around does anyone remember Jim and Rose Hatton who had a market garden/garden centre towards the bottom of Cavendish rd.this would have been in the 50s but was around way before that.I knew their son Bill Hatton he opererated the spotlight at Long Eaton stock car racing in the mid 60s.Jim Hattons brother Lawrence ran the farm on New Farm Lane at Nuthall.Today i think his son and grandson run the farm raising hundreds of pigs pus crops.

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