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Another coincidence - I called my pet monkey 'Hey Joe' after another Hendrix single. Which LP is 3 Little Bears on ? I only have one Hendrix LP but I can't remember which it is. I used to have a boxed set (Pink) which was quite rare,,,, but I lent it out,,,,,,,,,

I found it on frostwire, first time I heard of it, no idea if on any album unbelievable note for note, then again cozy powell and right said fred ripped off 3rd stone from the sun by jimi, White Hart I referred to was the one on Abbey Bridge so doubt I knew you, in hippy days the glasshouse street one had reputation as a drugs den (not that I'd know anything about such, honest, true as I'm riding this bike)

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I think I am in the wrong forum but read a lovely note from a girl who loved Neil of the Heidelbergers..........he is my brother, Tomo on here..............I always hated him.................all the g

Hi all I've only just heard about this site and wanted to let you know about the humble beginnings of Carl's Fables as I was a founder member. Can't remember the exact date but it was around 1966 whe

carls fables I first saw carls fables at the Carlton hotel in the sixties and was hooked with the band right away. I saw them three times a week all over Notts . miners welfares, working

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ASHLEY: Sorry mate – didn’t go to that White Heart,,,,,, strange,,,, I was never offered drugs in there,,,,, or not as far as I could see,,,, it was a bit dingy !

CHRISSY: I’d love to drop mick a note, or get in touch. We had some great times,,,, right up till I moved away.

DAVE: I don’t know anything about this Margaret,,,, we weren’t close. Westdale Lane School,,,¸was that opposite Dougie Fernes building supplies ? If so, that’s where I got the sack ! Not from the school,,,,, we were working on it when my boss came up and said:

“ere Baz,,, is it true you brought a bear to work the other day ?” My reply was “come on Stan – who’d bring a bear to work ?”

His reply (I remember it so well) “YOU WOULD – ya fired” !

Oh well,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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cheers mate,,,, a great piccy.

Just along Burton Road was another bike shop (I think they also sold electrical goods) called Rutherfords. I think their family had something to do with inventing the video recorder !

,,,,,, and No, I wasn't in the top photo,,,, but look closely at the bottom one,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I think you are probably right about Rutherfords and the video recorder. Pretty sure I heard at the time that they had a shop or lab' over in East Bridgeford somewhere which was where they worked on the video recorder.

They also had a record store on the main street in Netherfield late 50s early 60s. Spent a lot of time in there.

Chrissy. Often wondered what happened to Christine. Last time I ever saw her was at the bus stop in Netherfield early 60s. She was a good looking gal by then. Much better than I remember her when I sat next to her in school. Funny how we change. :rolleyes:


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In the mid 1970's, certainly summer of 1975, the Bier Keller was a regular Friday night out and what a good night it was too. We would get the bus down to Midland station and then drop into the pub opposite the Keller to tank up on some "cheap" beer. Think it was a Shippos joint and it was always two pints of mild for me, sank very quickly. Reason for this was the German beer (Lowenbrau) was mega expensive. Then it was down the steps into the Keller and into a stein of Lowenbrau. When the band started playing we all got up and stood on the benches singing along and swinging our steins from side to side. The band were great and most all songs had actions to go with the words. Cannot recall many songs now but do recall....



You put two fingers on your lips at this point and then pretended to throttle a hamster!. The more Lowenbrau you sank the more you enjoyed the night but usually three steins ( plus two pints before) was more than enough to get tipsy. Really you did not want the nights to end here but when they did we staggered down Arkwright Street stopping at the Chip Shop near the Boots Club for Pie Chips and Gravy. Then it was over Trent Bridge and a long stagger back home to our respective abodes in West Bridgford, all buses had long since stopped running for the night.

Happy days and happy memories and Carl was a great entertainer!

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Mick Kluk is a good friend of ours. small world intit? x

There wasnt a margaret in the savage family but my middle name is margaret.


Have you seen him since I joined the forum ? I'd love his e-mail address,,,, or even postal address.

Margaret Savage:

The one in my class is shown on the Gedling School photo that I put up a couple of weeks ago. She's the 4th from the right on the front row.


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How about JESTER as nottinghams best rock band! But then i am biased cos the bass player is my brother! x

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How about JESTER as nottinghams best rock band! But then i am biased cos the bass player is my brother! x

Definitely on my list to go and watch. I used to go to school with Dom´s mum!!!! Dawn Trader are playing at the grgreyhound on the 23rd Dec. A gig not to be missed. Check out their new website.

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How about JESTER as nottinghams best rock band! But then i am biased cos the bass player is my brother! x

I've seen them many times at the Air Hostess, Tollerton.

The sunday Rock and Blues sessions at the pub are well worth attending and its free!

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hya Pete...good days...didnt you work at Stanton in the stores..used to come and see the group most and my mate Smithy..we used to work at the bowling alley in nottm...favorite gigs...Blue Ball at Risley..low ceilings.smoke used to fill that...Annesley working mens...Blidworth...Cat n club used to meet in the phone box at Blidworth if i remember correctly..hope you keeping well...spoke to Carl via Mick Smith on radio nottm only a couple of years ago..please get in nice to hear from you..0***********

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Coming back on topic..... ;)

We useter book Carl's Fables into the 360 Club Bulwell regularly. In fact at one point, probably about 1969/70, they had a regular Sunday night spot. They had a fan who followed them about and would get up and sing Sam Cooke's 'Another Saturday Night', and also 'Blue Suede Shoes'.

As I recall, Carl was originally from Birkenhead.

Last time I saw them , I wandered into the Rose at Strelley, with my girlfriend. (Also from Merseyside. We've now been married for 38 years..)

Carl made a bit of a show of me!

I'll get him back one day.


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Think that may have been a Heidleburger, Mick , I'm a bit too busy at the moment myself to search for him , (I think he works cruise liners now IMMSC

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Hi Guys

I was the bass player in the original band.

Carl - Singer

John - Lead Guitar

Doug - Drummer

Pete - Bass

I have quite a few memories if anyone would like to know anything inparticular - Just mail.

Hi Pete. I was the young Kid who did a bit as a Roadie. You used to teach me some Bass playing when we had a noon and night Gig. I remember two Songs that the Band wrote and played - Black Night on Stanley Common and Afghan Hound Dog Man. Do you have any recordings? I still see Paul Baker (Kens brother) and I still play Bass for a Band called U.S. Do you see anything of John Oats and Doug?

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Peterbell hasn't been on for a long time, but if he still has his Personal Message notification active he'll get a PM if you send him one.

Hope you can get in touch with him

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OK , it's going to sound difficult , but honestly it's not.

At the top of this page there is a button that says MEMBERS, left click on this , you will then see a list of our members appear, go down the left hand side and click on P , you then need to go to page 6 and scroll half way down, you'll find "Peterbell" there. Now left click on the second icon on the right, this will open up a dialogue page for you to write what you want ,m then send it

Hope that helps.

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Easier than that

Hover your mouse over the members name next to their post.

You will then see their member profile pop up and a PM THIS MEMBER button

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