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:( How utterly sad, this beautiful, red brick Victorian building, standing neglected.

I have memories of it once being the excellent Forest Fields Grammar school, just across the way from my best friend Joan, who lived on Ewart Road; her sister attended the school before it was transferred somewhere up Carlton (I believe).

Also, the building was used as an annexe by Clarendon College for their Arts Courses.

I spent many evenings (night school) in the building, where 'Life Drawing' occupied my time. The models employed were excellent:

One was a young man, with a perfect body (proportion wise) and a goatee beard - he resembled the Greek God Pan.

Another model was a middle-aged woman name of Mandy. She was fascinating to draw with her lived-in body - sometimes she'd turn up for 'work' complete with bruises. 'Mandy is a Rose hip, past her prime', I wrote above the drawing that I did of her. God Bless you Mandy, wherever you are........ :)

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:biggrin: Congrats Paulus on being crowned; don't let it go to your head! thumbsup

Many thanks kind lady.........................

smile2 I certainly won't become full of my own importance, even though I'm obviously now only one short step from "Nottingham Royalty"..............

Soon be time for your Crowning!! :yahoo:

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:mellow: All the Life and Work and Memories stored within this Beautiful Building; Please God, don't let it be knocked down. :mellow:

PS: Thanks to Zab for providing these wonderful photographs that have indeed provoked thought.

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Is this the school between Stanley & Bradgate roads, Forest Fields? it looks different on Google street views......................

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I was at school here from 1961-66. It was just a short walk from Russell Road where we lived.

My father (1915-2004) also attended when it was High Pavement

I left Nottingham in 1972 but was delighted when my daughter got a place at Nottingham Trent to study fine art.

She's now in her final year and lives on Berridge Road so I get to visit the area quite frequently.

I've noted the decline of this fine old building over the last few years but discovered it's Grade II listed.


Not sure exactly what that means. Perhaps it can't be demolished without Heritage approval.

Does anybody know if that's the case?

If you want to see it in it's original condition then take a look at;EQUALS;NTGM005234&prevUrl=

I read somewhere that Nottingham Fire Service are using it these days.

Before that it was known as ncn Berridge but they had to move out because it was becoming too delapidated

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:) Hi Mess, you've provided interesting info. above.

Grade 11 listed means: that the building may have any amount of improvements within but the external structure must not to be tampered with - permission may occasionally be granted. :)

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Thanks for the information re Grade II listing.

Perhaps the council will renovate it one day. I hope so.

I have great memories of the school and the area where I grew up.

I visit Goose Fair most years and have seen the area's steady decline.

My dad was born in Basford in 1915 and used to tell me what a lovely area Hyson Green an Forest Fields was.

There are some wonderful houses on Noel St and Burford Rd which are probably all flats now.

Leslie Rd, Foxhall Rd, Premier Rd, Wiverton Rd etc were all upmarket places to live at the beginning of the 20th century

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I started my secondary education at Forest Fields Grammar School in September 1961 Oliver Barnett (1902-1975) was headmaster having been appointed in 1955 when the school was created.

The building was originally constructed for High Pavement in the late 19th century but they moved up to a new building at Bestwood in 1955 and Forest Fields moved in.

My dad who lived on Egypt Rd went first to Stanley Juniors around 1920 before transferring to High Pavement around 1926.

Interestingly my sisters ex-husband became deputy head at Stanley in the late sixties.

I've got sepia tinted photographs of my dad at both schools. He was also in the Boys Brigade based at Mansfield Rd Baptists Church.

He used to tell me about the swimming pool under the school on Stanley Road which later became the boys changing rooms.

There's a quiz question and picture of it somewhere on this site.

In 1961 Stanley Rd was cobbled and open to traffic. It was closed off around 1963 and two Portacabins erected which became the physics laboratories.

My first class was I Red with Miss Webb who was also Senior Mistress looking after all the girls in the school.

Miss Webb was also an excellent French teacher and used to come along to the school Whit camp in Botley Hants.

I was later placed in the B stream for the rest of my time at school.

The A stream pupils all did Latin

I was in Annesley House (house colour was navy blue) and Brian (Bomber) Smith was House Master.

Brian Smith was head of Physics and also got involved in rugby which I detested.

All the teaching staff wore black gowns and Mrs Mitchell a history mistress even wore a mortar board!

All boys were addressed by their surnames and were expected to wear their blazers during lessons.

Boys also had to wear caps until they entered their fourth year. Similarly for girls with their berets.

I've posted lots more of my school and teachers memories about Forest Fields on the Friendsreunited site should anyone be interested

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Drove down Berridge Rd last Sunday and see the old school is covered in scaffolding.

Did a bit of research when I got home and see the building is being refurbished.

Fantastic news.

For more info see:

and also:

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The guy on the left looks like Terry Wate?

I wonder if the company is in that Wate family?



21 February, 2013

Wates Construction has commenced work on the £5.2m renovation of Forest Fields Primary School on Bradgate Road, marking a significant step forward in Nottingham City Council’s school expansion programme

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Blimey thats brought back some memories.

I was in the 14th bucket bashers Mansfield Rd baptist church in the early 60s we had band practice there on a Friday night. Jimmy the leading stick lived on Sturton St. We would then torment the local area with a Sunday morning parade once a month.

Christine my first serious girlfriend lived on Leslie Rd her auntie owned the chippie across from the school on the corner of Stanley Rd very handy for chips after band practice.

Great memories Thanks


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i am sure the people of stuton st and the rest of forest fields will be happy to see the building put to good use again it has been the target in the last couple of years of much vandilism and anti social behaviour it will be nice to see it in use again and maybe it will encourage beter use of the local community centre next door.

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