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Well hello...

I see the last entries here were in 2013... Have I missed the bus?

I was at Forest Fields from around 1964-1968. Nickname of Tadge ( don't ask me why ). I have lots of fond memories of the place, particularly the stairs, there were two sets on each side of the building, about 10 tier then tight turn then ten etc.. probably 6 flights in all . The banisters were very sturdy and the challenge at the time was to race by jumping/ running from the top floor to out of the main front door. Got caught twice..Strap once from Oliver Barnet then caned by Hancox his successor. I remember a "Messy" from that era, which may have been an earlier contributor and am full of useless information on the subject.

So the question is...Is anybody still out there?

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Hi Hobson,

I'm still alive and kicking.

I don't think you ever "miss the bus" on Nottstalgia. Many of the members, me included, regularly monitor the new posts on this site.

I guess I must be the Messy you recall from your days at FFGS.  I certainty don't recall anyone else with the nickname. Fame (or is it infamy?) at last.

I was there 1961-66 and remember how readily Ollie Barnett and Mr Hancock meted out canings.

I didn't know Ollie also used the strap. He'd probably broke his cane on some other poor victim that day.

Running and vaulting down those stairs was fun I recall. Some of the bigger lads used to manage five or six at a time and in those narrow stairwells collisions often occurred which goes some way to explaining the harsh punishments.

The building has been completely renovated and is now used by Forest Fields Primary. There are some excellent pictures of the new school including the stairwells on their web page. Well worth a look.

Also I recommend you check out the Forest Fields Grammar School page on Facebook if you haven't already.

Enjoy the sunshine in Greece. It's hissing down here today.

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I went to stanly junior school from 1975 to 1980. Mr Fauwkeswas the headmaster at the time. My teachers included mr nijram and mr Clayton. Good times!! I remember mr failed used to read out short stories in assembly. How the elephant got his trunk at the grey green greasy  Limpopo river!!

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