I told 'em Oldham!

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:biggrin: 'I told 'em Oldham!' Hi Paulus, at least you've got the idea. Yes, I remember saying the slogan with a firm, dictatorial accent - what we kids learnt from adverts eh? :biggrin: We could have sat an O' Level in TV Ads!

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Most times ad's were more interesting than the programmes, certainly as/more memorable, whis was excatly the point of them............ :biggrin:

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On 1/6/2013 at 9:43 PM, StephenFord said:

I think Oldham was always a dump - it even had a railway station called "Mumps" - imagine if Nottingham Victoria had been called Nottingham Chicken Pox! But wasn't the "I told 'em Oldham" slogan for batteries? Not sure...


Loved Oldham when i worked up there,,,used to do interviews in the ''Spindles centre'' ?   the interviews were for Security staff at ''Dawn Mill'' Shaw,,(pulled down now a supermarket,,criminal),,if anyone knows the area,,,

                        Shaw and indeed Oldham are right on the edge of the beautiful Pennines.....great accent proper Northern,,,there used to be a Drama school in Shaw (might still be) that produced many bit part actors whose faces are well known,,,think Cannon and Ball are from Oldham

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