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As mentioned in the other 'rip off' thread and so as not to get accused of going off on a tangent, how about this ?

As you know I've just booked for us to fly to Spain in Feb, never flown with Ryan Air before and I know why it won't happen again too.


*******165.92 GBP Total Fare

*********0.00 GBP Taxes, Fees & Charges

********16.00 GBP Passenger Fee: EU 261 Levy

********48.00 GBP Passenger Fee: Web Check in

*********2.00 GBP Passenger Fee: ETS

********48.00 GBP Passenger Fee: BADM

********60.00 GBP Passenger Fee: Checked Bag(s)

*******339.92 GBP Total Paid

It over doubles in price after you add on the fees !!

Mind you , on saying that it still worked out cheaper than anybody else (Even Easyjet, who we used last year, and actually wasn't too bad!)

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Golly ! how many passengers ? And I thought we get ripped off for airfares here in oz.

I flew Perth to Darwin in Sept 12, 28 day advance purchase $150 thats it no more !

Return flight was a little more expensive as it was the start of the school holidays, and they always hit you then.

I read somewhere that a lot of aussie tourists are flying to europe in stead of the uk, and then getting a hop over flight to uk, to get out of the big taxes they are levying now.

Few years back I had to get back to uk quick, my mum had took ill, only flight was to Amsterdam then a flight to Humberside where my lad picked me up. Worked out cheaper than the direct to Manchester flight that was booked out !

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2 Adults 2 kids, I still can't find out what the Charges are for, I mean to say they dare charge me 48 quid to use my printer / ink/ paper and my time to print off their tickets !

What is 48 GBP passenger fee BADM ? and £2.00 for ETS?

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Wouldn't use Ryanair again after our experience a few years back. Flew to Genoa - no problems. On the return arrived at Genoa airport about lunchtime to learn after a lot of stalling that the flight in and back out had been cancelled owing to fog at Stansted. OK - it happens. Alternative initially offered "Come back tomorrow same time." Yeah but - aren't there a lot of other folk already booked on tomorrow's flight? Besides which, some of us have to go back to work - and anyway, who pays for another night's accommodation? What else can you do? "Weeeell...we could transfer you to the flight from Turin - 10 30 tonight." OK - how do we get to Turin? "On the train like everybody else." And who pays for that? "You do." Any compensation? "Fill in this form." (But actually no - not a hope.) So we pay around 35 quid for the train, another 10 for the coach to Turin airport, and land at Stansted around midnight - by which time there is no public transport until the following morning. Night spent sleeping on concrete floor. Thanks Ryanair - nice finish to the holiday.

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Were you insured Steven ? If so make a claim. We did when our 'Fast Cat' ferry from Dublin to Liverpool was cancelled.I payed a 10 pound supliment to sail from Liverpool as opposed to Holyhead as it is nearer to us. After a lot of wrangling with the insurance folks we got over 500 quid back , so don't let them fob you off.

They told us at first we couldn't claim as they still got us back to England (12 Hours later on a ferry to Holyhead, about 120miles from home as opposed to the 30 from Liverpool) It was only when I pointed out that if I was on a plane from Spain and I'd payed the flight supliment to go to Manchester and it in fact landed at Heathrow that they would have to pay to get us home that they relented, paying us so much per person for each 6 hours of the delay, till the next 'fast cat' to Liverpool sailed, which as it happened was on the Tuesday,3 days later !!

If you are delayed by an airline they are obligated to feed you every so many hours too. We got that when our flight back from Corfu was delayed by a massive thunderstorm directly overhead that wouldn't move. Pretty sure that that is also 6 hours

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No - for some reason we had no insurance. (I know, I know...) Anyway, I wrote to Ryanair - might as well have shouted down the lavatory for all the good it did me. Mind you, the actual fare we paid was 99p each way (plus various supplements for flying in an aircraft, having fuel in it, and taking luggage etc.)

Why do ferry (and insurance) companies think that you will be satisfied to be dumped at any unspecified point on the coast of your destination country? Nobody thinks that a train operator has fulfilled his contractual obligation if you buy a ticket to Manchester, and he offers to carry you to Birmingham, so why should Holyhead be an acceptable dropping off point, when you have booked to Liverpool? It isn't even in the same country!!!

I've heard of Brittany Ferries doing this too - you arrive at Roscoff to discover that the sailing to Plymouth is cancelled, but if you jump in your car and drive against the clock to Caen - 200 miles away - you can cross to Portsmouth, which is another 170 miles from where you want to be. And what are foot passengers supposed to do - thumb a lift?

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£30 extra for a 15 kilo bag !! we took 80 kilos over between us on Easyjet last year and it was only fourty quid extra! so I've paid for two ......................... The kids hand luggage is going to be bloody heavy that's all I can say !! (We have four of those purpose made to fit in their little measure thing that they insist you use before you carry anything on the plane.!

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Wife away for a few days visiting ive been doing the Grocery shopping....and have been staggered by the prices of everyday things.......small tin Peas 60p.....Domestos..£1....carrier bag 60p...small steak pie £1.....i could go on....just to prove we are being ripped off Ambrosia Rice Pudding 80p...where as an own brand was 20p....

                  Then went to look at garden Plants......and most of these had doubled since last year.......

Meanwhile Shell and BP are announcing record profits as we pay a fortune for Petrol......the world has gone mad......

No wonder people are sleeping in the streets.......

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We’ve tried own brand soups from both Sainsbury’s and Morrison’s at 50p and we can’t tell the difference from the named brands at over double the price. I did try Lidl own brand bitter beer but that was disgusting!

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It's amusing to see TV adverts from the likes of Sainsbury's and Tesco telling us how wonderful they are for having 100 items price-matched to Aldi.


In other words.... if Aldi didn't exist, Sainsbury's & Tesco would have continued to charge higher prices knowing they could get away with it.


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3 hours ago, Cliff Ton said:

Aldi didn't exist, Sainsbury's & Tesco would have continued to charge higher prices knowing they could get away with it


One of the joys of a free market economy, if some are prepared (or forced), to pay the price, they're more than willing to sell for as much as possible.

I think the continentals are doing well to break the oligopoly of the big superstores. It took awhile for them to be taken seriously though.

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