Anybody had a 'result' lately ?

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Following the oil delivery lorry scraping the corner off my little museum roof on Wednesday (Photos in "How's Your Day"), the company asked me to get an estimate for repairs. As luck would have it the

We’ve been waiting for weeks for a large rug we’d seen in John Lewis to be back in stock, waiting patiently for an email informing us that it’s available again.  Today we decided to go into the shop f

Very many years ago I found a wallet containing about £200 and credit cards in a phone box at the Midland Station. I handed it in and left my details with the Railway Police on Queen’s Drive. After ab

PP: I have only seen a true Scottish wildcat once. It was drinking at a mountain stream early one morning. The nearest house was several miles away - which is about as close to us as they will go.

Phil: ours are a feral colony.

Jill: The true wildcat is indeed endangered. It hasn't stopped the wind farm boys from applying to put up a huge wind farm in a territory know to contain wildcats though. A Public Enquiry turned down the application because of the wildcats but the developers have appealed to the Scottish government and look likely to get consent to destroy the wildcat habitat. Don't be fooled by SNP propaganda about how nice they are.

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