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Now i've started i cant stop! Bonfire night, we used to spend weeks collecting anything flamable storing it in the terrace. raiding Westminster street's collection and guarding against return raids wa

I can't picture it exactly now myself after more than 50 years, and what order they were in, but going down Blue Bell Hill Road from the school, on the same side there was some sort of commercial prem

Hi, I lived on Stewart Place from 1937 to 1969. I remember the Coffees, next the Wood family then Miss Wright then Fosters,The Misses Riley,The Hicklings, the Hallams. then my memory fails..Other name

Lotuskid, Keith Penrose was in the same class as me at Huntingdon St Sec School.

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Ayupmeducks, Keith and i used to play when his Dad would allow which wasn't often, but still fond memories. Have you any idea what happened to him?

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I lost contact with most of them when we all left school, the only one and I can't think of his name now, that I had contact with for several years after school, was one of my classmates who served his apprenticeship with the NCB at the same time as myself... I think his name was Alfred Denman...But been too many years now.

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I left Nottingham at the end of my second year at High Pavement [ not a happy two years ]! Ilost touch with too many people i had grown up with, Peter Ball, Barry Dakin, Pamela Briggs, Pat Hankin, Snowy Smith. My head is starting to hurt, ha ha.

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I was born on Trevitt Street off abbotsford street in 1946

i went to Sycamore infants, Elm avenue junior and then on to Manvers senior before moving to Netherfield when I was 12

We had Scotts the grocers on the corner of our street, Ethel's paper shop and Gilberts chemists on the other end of the street.

my aunt and uncle had a grocers just down Dame Agnes street and my cousin Terry Penn delivered the milk.

i can remember the shipstones horses and scarcity of cars, playing in the street was normal and just down the road was a nice park at the bottom of sycamore road.

my dad had an allotment at hunger hills and I used to go with him a lot.

we did not have a lot but for me and my sister Sylvia times were good and I look back with fondness and happy memories.

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