Good to be with you!

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Hello everybody,

I'm ChrisB, just joined today, can't remember how I found this site, I just did!

I had to sign up because there's lots of fascinating stuff on here which I'm looking forward to contributing to.

I do have a terrible secret however, which is bound to come out so I may as well admit it now

I'm from Derby! I do hope you won't hold that against me! :laugh:

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Hiya Chris from Derby.Welcome to the forum.

Being from Derby is nowt.

This lot don't know where I'm originally from ,although I did give a clue a few years back but nobody jumped on it.

Baz :ninja:

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Many years ago I did a fair bit of work in Derby. Got to know the Borrowash bypass very well.

Since coming to oz, it does my head in still, when they say Derby not pronounced as it should but as it looks ! I say Darby, they say Derby !

Living in Perth WA for quite a while they have the footy, local teams match, which they all call "the Derby," where the West Coast Eagles play the Freo Dockers. Not my cup of tea mind you.

Give me good soccer game any day !

Another one that gets me is Maroon the colour ! for some reason the aussies think its Maroan ! wierd !! I usually say is that the moon up there or the moan :-)

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Don't worry about it...foreigners often mention Bassford and Sneenton .....we do have some daft spelled words...

The one gets me is Darn Sarf here when the house catches fire they call the Far brigade.

And as for Nottingham Carsel... :glare:

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Well I transported myself here actually, I wasn't born in Derby, at least that's one consolation!

I was born and grew up near Alfreton and made my way down here a good few years ago.

At least it's got plenty of roads leading out of it!

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