independent shops from 60's - 80's

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Hi im doing a college project on independent shops in the late 60's to early 80's era, if anyone has any photos/memories of paraphernalia or image on st peters gate e.c.t. It would be amazing help, already have alot of info on the birdcage from my dad but any other info you know about would be great thanks :)

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Go on Stu (Or anybody) , giz a clue. Where abouts on Bridlesmith Gate is that taken from? Cause my minds in overtime at the moment to try and get my head around it !

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The pub on the left appears to be called "The Gate Inn" suggesting that it is on an old entrance to the city.

I'm sure there's a site where old Nottingham pubs is listed. If we can find that it may help.

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Found the list, can't find the pub ...... Wouldn't have been a problem if it were still there............LOL

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The pub is a Home Ales pub (I know that doesn't mean owt !) Maybe that's where a mistake has been made.

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The building below looks like the one at the far end of the second picture?


Ref No:


Town Village:



Bridlesmith Gate


Bridlesmith Gate, Nottingham, 1962

Further Information:

Date of Image:


Form of Acknowledgment:

Bernard Beilby

Copyright © North East Midland Photographic Record. All rights reserved.


This building on Low Pavement at the far end?,-1.14632&spn=0.000907,0.001725&hnear=Nottingham,+United+Kingdom&t=m&z=19&layer=c&cbll=52.951499,-1.147028&panoid=sIoz9tC6nnGIMLR5NKABBg&cbp=12,161.22,,0,-18.46

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Thanks Stu

I see exactly where it is now.


The remains of Pepper Street (A Nicholson, 2004).

So the Home Ales pub in the original photo... 'The Fountain'?

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Interesting. Pepper Street area, the original home of printing in Nottingham:

'Half way between Pepper Street and St. Peter's Gate, Aiscough in 1708 set up the first printing press in Nottingham and he prospered so that, as we have already seen, he had to transfer his business to Barker Gate to more commodious premises.'

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