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Interesting that it was known locally as Pye Wipe Hall...I haven't come across that name since I was a lad in Kegworth where an elderly gamekeeper used it.It's a country name for a Peewit/Lapwing/Green Plover.

The alarm call they use when you're near the nest certainly sounds like Pyeeeee Wipe too :)

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Here are the details for the anoraks out there (and I plead guilty to being one!)

4988 Bulwell Hall. Built January 1931. First shed allocation Old Oak Common. August 1950 shed allocation Weymouth. March 1959 shed allocation Bristol, Bath Road. Last shed allocation Oxford. Withdrawn February 1964. Scrapped at Swindon Works.

5999 Wollaton Hall. Built June 1940. First shed allocation Newton Abbot. August 1950 and March 1959 shed allocations Taunton. Fitted with 3 row superheater. Last shed allocation Westbury. Withdrawn September 1962. Scrapped at Swindon Works.

However they might have come nearer to Nottingham than you imagine. On Summer Saturdays it was not unusual for the cross country trains from and to the South Coast via Oxford to be hauled by Great Western locos as far as Leicester or Nottingham
Victoria. Officially they were not allowed any farther north (though I remember seeing 5979 Cruckton Hall, coming south on its own – perhaps from Annesley shed – about 1962). However there was one well documented incident on 15 August 1964, where shortage of a replacement engine, and either ignorance of the restriction, or a Nelsonian blind eye, allowed one of the Grange class to continue northwards through Sheffield, heading for Bradford. Beyond Penistone the very wide GWR cylinder casing hit the platform edge at Berry Brow station, and at Huddersfield the loco was hurriedly removed. It was two weeks before a route
with sufficient clearance was established (via Crewe) to allow it to return to its native territory.

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I can remember when anoraks wus called 'windcheaters'..............................there were also ones made of 'silky' material, brightly coloured with tigers head picture embroidered on the back..................or was I imaganin' again?

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