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Greetings everyone. I have made a few posts, but I suppose I ought to introduce myself properly.

Lived in Nottingham all my life apart from a few short periods when I've worked away, I lived in Old Lenton and went to Dunkirk School, then to Mundella. Was a mod in the 60s, went to all the clubs, and played in the Salty Dogs, later I suppose I became a bit of a hippie and still went to all the pubs & clubs.

Worked with computers all my life, at various place in Nottingham (eg Bairnswear, MHS (and later CCN & Experian), Woolston & Blunt, Pedigree Petfoods) and have worked in Coventry, Birmingham, London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Peterborough, Holland, France.

Lived in Carlton, the VIc Centre, West Bridgford, Wollaton.

Played many sports during my life, several years playing golf at Edwalton, Cotgrave Place and Beestonfields.

Now retired from computers, I write & play music & songs, play in a 60s cover band called MozMicDawn, take many photos (always have done) and am busy trying to write my memories so am interested in any old information & photos to fill in all those gaps I've forgotten about.

By the way it was my birthday yesterday - January 28th.

Hello to this world.

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welcome moz my hubby dave piggott he lived on priory st old lenton also went to dunkirk school happy birthday for yesterday our old are you

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Happy Birthday Moz the Mod!!.....................picked you up in another post, re' the Dungeon Club, terrific days & nights...............

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