Why a Duck?

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Iv'e had lots of cultural cockups on my travels..mostly in the States..in a Howard Johnsons one morning ..moving along the line and helping myself to breakfast...got to the last heated tray...got the tongues and plucked out two wedges...suddenly the counter lady let out a shriek!

Apparently"i only put the bread in there to soak up the fat...whilst more fried eggs are a cooking".

"Oh!"..i said.

"Where i come from...we eat that in Bulwell.called fried bread".

Good job the Florida sun had tanned me some..my cheeks were red.

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I met a chap in Nottingham who had come to see the site: he'd travelled from Blackpool where he'd seen the lights

He said I've seen Nottingham Castle though it looked more like a hall, I've even seen the statue of brave young Albert Ball.

I went to the park in Wollaton were the Reindeer run free

I took a trip to Sherwood Forest and saw the old oak tree

Then I wonder round the Council House sat in slab square, loved the flowers up the poles and all the pigeons there

Saw the Galleries of Justice, and Tales of Robin Hood, went around the sandstone caves folks told me I should.

Visited the Oldest Inn partaken in it's beer cruised along the river Trent it was really pleasant there. BUT!! there's one thing that I missed, could you tell me where to look? I hear it mentioned every where!


I look at him in puzzlement and said "What ever do you mean" I'm a stranger here myself and this duck I've never seen.

We joined forces and wonderd  off to seek, around the streets of Nottingham for this creature with a beak.

We hunted High we hunted Low  yet!!!! every place we've been, we heard the locals speak to this creature with a beak' but never once have seen.

"Ay up mi duck"      "Ta rah mi duck"   even    "See you mi duck"

Yet never once have we observed this most elusive bird.

The time has come to leave your city it really is a pity, that the one thing we did not see was the.


 I can not take credit for this work as a friend of mine wrote it.

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On ‎2‎/‎9‎/‎2013 at 5:31 PM, Scriv said:

I asked me Dad about this years ago. His explanation was that it is a corruption of "My Duke".

Suspect Trevor S might be closer though.

Research shows that the term is a slovenly way of saying My Duke dating back to the time that Notts was dominated by a number of Dukes. As the years have passed it has been more widely used till now it is simply a means of address , mainly between friends or at least people who know each other. Some people take exception as its too familiar for them to stomach. There were many more Dukes in Nottinghamshire than most other counties due to Sherwood Forest being broken up into the Dukeries. Most of these Dukes made their money from Coalfields and the opening of pits and pit villages where it became common to address the Owner (The Duke) as Midduk ie My Duke. The term was prevalent in "pit villages" where The Duke, who owned the colliery also owned he houses that miners lived in. You will therefore find that the term midukk was used throughout the South Notts coalfields. Hence its common usage from Nottingham City to Worksop in particular. The Labour Government nationalised all the coalfields and the dukes and their land became a thing of the past. More evidence of this can be found by researching the history of the Duke of Newcastle.


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On ‎2‎/‎2‎/‎2013 at 10:28 PM, mick2me said:

Does anyone know the origin of the Term 'Duck' used in Nottingham?

How long has it been used and how Widespread is it?

I think its also used in some parts of Derbyshire?

Notts coalfields is your answer which were originally owned by Dukes who lived in the Dukeries. The pit folk who lived there addressed the Duke as My Duke or slovenly -  miduk. The Dukes lived in Thoresby Hall, Welbeck Hall etc and the employees in the rows of pit houses built for them by The Dukes. Gradually the expression has spread from the pit villages to the whole area known as South Notts Coalfield.

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see my post Sept 2nd 

lots of ducks

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