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Metropole for me too Mick, also a bus from Arnold in late 50s.  

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Our children's matinee in the Medders wasn't quite as posh as the ABC Minors. It was Saturday afternoon at the Imperial on Wilford Road - The 'Imp'.

It was the threepenny rush - went up to fourpence in about 1950. There wasn't any song or badges or anything, just a film and a serial. I think they had a few stock films they showed repeatedly. I remember a silent Charlie Chaplin film that appeared a lot.

When the film broke down everybody would shout and Boo and they'd put the lights on for a bit.


On a slightly different subject - can you remember 'A' films that children could see if accompanied by an adult? (Course you can) I remember kids standing outside the Imperial stopping people going in and asking, 'Will you take me in, Mister?' I never did but wonder about the child safety issues that could have arisen. Scary!

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On 4/24/2018 at 8:00 AM, jonab said:

Seeing Flash Gorden mentioned above reminded me of an event when I lived in Nottm. A schoolteacher friend hired a film for the newly formed school cinema club. I was invited to the inaugural meeting of the club. To ensure there would be a reasonably large attendance, the films were selected to be of mass schoolkid appeal. I don't remember the first film but the second was meant to be Flash Gorden. I don't know whether it was the fault of the film hire company or of my teacher friend but the film that was sent was, in fact, Flesh Gorden - the XXX-rated version of the original.


This was in the '70's - a time of much less liberal views than now and the showing of such filth caused much consternation amongst the school governors but great appreciation amongst the pupils. My teacher friend managed to keep his job and became an icon amongst the pupils at the school.


I remember in an English lesson in (I think) 1961 Mr Knowles the teacher introducing a discussion on crime fiction, asked if anyone had seen the classic noir-film Rififi.   I stuck up a hand and voluntered did he mean Rififi and the women, and I'd seen that (at the Scala that showed such films).His shoulders shook a bit as he tried to keep a straight face, rest of class collapsed, took at least 3-4 minutes out the lesson. Another one...nil win for disruption.  Scala also showed those health and efficiency films, a magnet for  the grubby mac and tissue brigade, as well as those of us who could blag our way into A  and X-rated films

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