Uh Oh, we're in trouble

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Macclesfield win unexpectedly against Exeter, which pushes Notts back into the bottom two. 

Another woefully tepid display from Forest too. Where's it all gone wrong ?

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It very much looks like The Magpies position in the top tiers of football is over after the home defeat against MK Dons.

Talking of names that don't even sound like football teams I had a look at the National League table to see who might replace County and it looks like it may be Leyton Orient. At least a team with a proper name. It looks like along with them either Salford or Solihull Moors will be promoted, Salford is a rugby league club and Solihull Moors a name that comes from an amalgamation.

Looking through the teams in the NL I see former league clubs that I remember from my youth such as Wrexham, Gateshead, Barrow, Chesterfield, perpetual cellar dwellers Hartlepool, Halifax and Aldershot. NL North yields such teams as Stockport, Bradford PA, Chester, Southport, York and Darlington. NL South only gives Torquay from the days when I could name all 92 league teams and their home grounds when they had proper names like Field Mill (the oldest ground in continuous use) and not One Call Stadium.

All the games were played on Saturday afternoon with a number of midweek games, long gone, sacrificed to the great one eyed monster that allows clubs to pay stupid wages that have ultimately ruined the game I loved.

I well remember using the results in the Football Post to update my league ladders that I got from the Lion or some other comic. What was Roy of the Rovers in?

Long ramble over suffice to say that it will be a sad day if Notts are relegated and if so hope that they can emulate the Stags and make a quick return

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