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Your talking to the former Union Health & Safety Officer.

It caused much hilarity and an entry in the Job Newsheet.

"Mick2me has taken on the post of H&S Officer. Upon first opening the H&S Guide book he sustained a paper cut"

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and a great one of denshaws favs always used to have kat rolling in her seat. and certainly not said enough NO GLOVE NO LOVE still remember her face the first time she heard him say that at one of t

Your talking to the former Union Health & Safety Officer. It caused much hilarity and an entry in the Job Newsheet. "Mick2me has taken on the post of H&S Officer. Upon first opening the H&am

Woman: "I apologize, I was wrong"

The Poll Tax gets a bad press these days; the facts sometimes get slightly overlooked, and they can demonstrate a rather different picture.

I still have the relevant council demands for the last Poll Tax and the first Council Tax.

Last Poll Tax (1992-93) - £283

First Council Tax (1993-94) - £344

Why should I not be happy with the Poll Tax?

Because the poll tax was per person the council tax is per property. !

Sorry if I sound snappy but I'm positive the poll tax was one of the causes of my Fathers early demise.

I remember him sitting there on the settee looking dejected, (Not like my Dad at all) We didn't always see eye to eye but I asked him what was the matter, he held out the first 'poll tax' demand we had, saying , "I voted for her/them all my life, and they do this to me"

I looked at it and the 'rates' had gone up to over double what my parents used to pay.

My father died 3 months after his 60th birthday in 1990.

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cifton that was for one person in the household for those with four in the household like us it would brin it up to some houses paying 1200 pounds about the council tax rate today and those who had wives who were not working like me at the time i was at collage and not earning husbands were expected to pay i paid daves but did not pay mine on priciple that it was an indervidual tax and as i only got £10b week child benifit in my own name they took me to court and put my case to the judge who said so your refusing to pay i replied noi am saying i dont have the money to payas the only money i get in my name was really my childrens not mine he asked me what i could pay per week o offered him 50p per week and to my surprize he accepted it dont think the councils reprisentitive was very happy .when i got outside the court the judge spoke to me and actually said well done in private he personally felt parts of this tax were unfare, and i had made my point very well without loosing my temper protesting or getting upset he told me that like all court cases it was all recorded and were sent of to council and other goverment departments. i went every week to pay my 50p it took nearly four years for council to get there money but i had made my point .

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My Dad had been forced to retire (More or less) from Players, our Chris was at Nottingham Trent University so was still living at home , and I had been made redundant by the RAC at the time so none of us had a pot to p155 in !

Somehow it got paid apart from my share, I was left to pay my own share on top of the board and lodgings I was paying , (I was already paying a lot to help put our Chris through Uni ) I eventually got a final demand for around 300 quid , I went down to Carlton Square to pay it and just happened to mention the cashier (Who I knew) that I had been unemployed for a lot of the time, she told me to bring in proof , which I did , and I got it reduced to around 10 quid instead of the silly money they wanted. I was gob smacked that there didn't seem to be (Or rather I had not recieved) any information about not having to pay full wack if you were on the dole.

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Hard to imagine that for a time when Maggie first got in VAT was only 8%...not for long soon doubled.I love the way they bunged another two and a half % to pay for the poll tax cock up.But when the poll tax was scrapped it never came down again.(Like the price of chips)

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Yes, I admit I overlooked an important point. :blush:

And I agree that additions like children, families, dependants, redundancy, illness, benefits etc made things very different.

The point I was trying to make was that some people - a very small minority, of which I happened to be one - were better off with Poll Tax than with Council Tax.

Trust me, I never voted for the woman.

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