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From 1959 to 1962 the family lived in West Brigdford & I was bussed to and from BHGS by Lamcote Coaches of Radcliffe-on-Trent. In 1962 the NCC Education Committee decided to gradually phase out the mass county wide bussing of pupils to the secondary school of choice and refused to provide a bus pass for my younger brother, To circumvent being thwarted by the county council bureaucracy my parents moved house to Bramcote, a move which totally enraged the Director of Education who during one interview with my father actually stated that we couldn't move house! The interview went rapidly downhill after that.

Moving to Bramcote meant I got an extra hour in bed each morning ,


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Hi Garry,

Welcome to the gang! I see you lived in Balmoral Drive - I was just down the hill in Arundel (#75) and before that in Bankfield (#24).

Btw, there's an active BHGS group over on Facebook at if you are interested. You might catch up with some more old pals.

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Just been reading through the thread on Bilborough GS and came across reference to Mr Lowe the physics teacher and wondered if anyone knew whether this was the same one who tried to instil the science into me at BHGS up until 1962 when I took my O levels? He was a really nice bloke and engendered

my interest in the subject, so much so that a few of us used to stay behind after school once a week for extra O level cramming and those of us who lived on the other side of town used to get a lift into Nottingham with him in his Mini, he going on to relax in The Bamboo coffee bar on Parliament Street.

I remember being impressed by his ability to calculate on a slide rule whatever he needed to in those far off days prior to the existence of pocket calculators.

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Perhaps a glass too many of the Jura!! My physics teacher was Mr Lythe, still it was the same initial!!

The coffee bar I'm trying to remember was down from The Turf Tavern, any idea what it was?

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Great place, some odd characters and happy memories.

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