Manchester Airport

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I just had to nip my mate up to Manchester as he's flying out to Saudi via Dubai on the Emirates A-380 Airbus, as it was running half an hour late I decided to take the kids up to the top end to see if it was on it's way in.

As it happened .................................





It put a smile on the kids faces !!

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They were taken on the northern perimiter road (Ringway Road) I haven't been in the viewing area for a few years (Not since they put the price up to silly money) If we're going to spend an hour or two there, we go to the pub at the northern end, it's only about 3 quid to park, and you get that back off of your first round of drinks/food.
I haven't been up and spent some time there for ages. You've got me going now !!

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only been to manchester airport once the first time i went to malta and it was a night flight so did not get to see much

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Probably not, as virtually all Emirates staff are Ozzies or Europeans, working for a living is a bit below the Emiratee's me thinks. :-)

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Have heard good reports about that pub Beef, may give it a go.

One of mine from the visitor park.


Not wishing to sound judgemental ,but the last time I was there it seemed to be rather rough and ready , as if it were run by Pikeys, still OK though.

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