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Learnt a few scant details last night on a history course about a supposed railway station that was once proposed for Arnold Town Centre (as opposed to the original Daybrook station). More to follow next week.

Apparently the proposal was to build it around the Smithy Crescent area, which for those that know Arnold is the next block over eastwards from Front Street. It would have linked up to Daybrook through the Arnot Hill Park area. The line would have then run north from Arnold to Calverton approximately following Surgeys Lane which runs off Calverton Road, before tunnelling underground beneath Dorket Head and on to Calverton Main Street..

This was described as being before the town centre was heavily built up, probably along with the early railway boom. more info to come.

It's a new one on my, anybody heard of this before?

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I will do. Kev. Last night there was a lot of stuff about the Daybrook Station. Originally named 'Bestwood and Arnold' for a short time apparently. Stories about early deaths around the line, one or two of the bodies being seen by the coroner at The Grove Hotel in Daybrook square etc.

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