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Very cool Stu - I actually recognise a few of the locations! I was christened in St. Mary's church!

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That's very clever of flickr - all I did was post a link!

Yes, St. Mary's is a lovely place, Eric. I learnt recently that after a dabble at Cockpit Hill near Dorket Head and Killisick, St. Mary's was the original centre that Arnold was built around' Land to the south and east of it was named 'The Butts' which was a generic name for an area where archery was practiced apparently. Arnold started off as one road (Nottingham Road from Daybrook Square and what is now Front Street) which lead along the path of the Day Brook to St. Mary's' predecessor.

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Very nice. I'd seen some of the old photos before and wasn't quite sure where they were. Now I know.

But it also demonstrates that It's impossible to take a photo of anywhere today without there being a car wash somewhere in the picture.

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Nice Post, Stu.

Fond memories of St Marys. ACHS put on a play in the church one Christmas (59-60-61) and yours truly and a couple of mates were the property hands. Biggest skite ever!

Once the play was underway, we found the stairs that led to the roof of the tower. Spent the most of the time up there, smoking like chimneys and looking out over the lights of Arnold while we discussed the errors of the world.

Good mates - good times.

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