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:) I met a lovely, young lady name of Joanne on the bus yesterday, with her twin boys Rhys and Connor aged 14 months. We got talking during the long ride out of Nottingham and she told me that she was a soul singer and that she'd put some videos on You Tube; she handed me her reference: supermojojojo 90. Ever so sweetly she asked me to look her up; I promised I would.

Back home, as soon as I'd finished enjoying a cup of tea I sat at my computer and googled Joanne's reference. Must say, was really impressed with her singing: such a tender, soulful voice, so natural and original. :biggrin:

I can see that with the right people behind her, Joanne Lovatt from Nottingham is set to go places.

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A young lady with much natural talent.

Moved to own topic.

Good Luck Joanne Lovatt

We're gonna make her a star Mick!!

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Hi, I just rediscovered this message. Since this meeting I set up a facebook page 

My husband and I have 20,000 followers and lots of videos in there. Please take a look and listen. I hope you are staying safe during these uncertain times :)

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