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Almost got the score and someone nudge or bump into you,causing to tilt and lose the game.The name Rickerby doest ring a bell,but a guy who lived on Hartley rd' name of Pete Goodall, did a complete rebuild in his 1st floor flat. He came out of his living room,along the landing and the bike couldnt 'make the left turn, because of the handrail and ballestrade. Went out to the coalhouse came in with an axe chopped down the ballestrade/handrail,then saw the steep pitch of the stairs,went out again,this time returned with two old planks,hammer, and a brown paper bag of old nails Nailed the planks over the carpet into the stairs,got on his bike and gently eased it down the stairs out of the front door,put it on its stand and looked as pleased as Punch.

The two us who witnessed it stood gob smacked,he refused our help at the start saying, "no big deal",he turned to us and said,"see, no big deal".Tony pointed inside at the pile of smashed ballestrade,"firewood,c;mon let's gerra pint".

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This was on Facebook.   What happens to old Mods.

I remember seeing Bolt at R.O.T in 1961, was it him or some other biker who had barbed wire wrapped around his jacket? His outfit was known as Bolt's Coffin. Another guy called Johnny Dench had a com

No,no,no,no,no, oh ok then. Many years ago on a Nottingham Forest trip to Lyon . Lots of beer, then lots of Cotes Du Rhone, then a "bumpy" taxi ride to the ground shook me up so I fell into the arms

'ere ya' babs ---

On the road again - Canned heat White rabbit - Jefferson airplane

Gimme some lovin - Spencer Davis Here comes the night - Them

All or nothing - Small faces Tell him - the Exciters

The letter - Box tops

Young girl - Union gap

Get back - Beatles

Honky tonk women - Stones

My generation - the Who

Wild thing - Troggs

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Has to be "Summertime Blues"

Sorry, Not "Summertime Blues"

Re Rickerby, I remember his first day at work, I'd been there about 6 months when he started fresh from school, he went on to build a lot bigger things than motorbikes in bedrooms! Not sure if still doing it but had quite a good one man business building narrow boats

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9th February, 2012

'Pensioner's Special' at the 'Broadway' cinema: £4 entrance to see the film (drink of tea and biscuits included)

I was sitting down at the front of the cinema yesterday afternoon - enjoying my cup of tea and jammy dodger - when I recognised the music playing as Otis Redding singing 'Mr Pitiful'. It took me back to the 60's and the Mod era; and still sounded as fresh as it did all those years back.

Such a lovely afternoon I had.

Today I played Otis.

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Hi jackson,and when you played 'Otis' today,were you sitting comfy, 'On the dock of the bay', nice to know you had a luvl'y time.

I smiled at the compilation, 60's, Mod 'Pensioner's Special'.No dancing in the aisles please.

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Bless you Mudgie49. Strange you should say that but 'Mr Pitiful' always makes me feel like dancin'; must admit I was doin' some twitchin' whilst 'sitting comfy'. I don't care, let them stare - it's whatever turns you on eh?

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Good Morning Stu, just couldn't stop playing 'Mr Pitiful' yesterday - I can really feel the rhythm in that one - 'Mod' is in my soul.

Will get round to reading Townshend soon - what you recommended me - and get back to you.

Have a Great Day. Christine XX

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I started riding a Garelli Monaco scooter c1965, then passed my test on my 250cc NSU Sportmax. There followed 500cc and 650cc BSA's, a new Norton Commando (£585 on the road in 1971).

Various DT Yamaha's before a Z900 Kawasaki in 1977, a ZZR1100 Kawasaki (which I still own) and my latest, ZZR1400:


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