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Mam was a smocker at Bairnswear working at the Perry road works during the day she always bought work home as well. On the next line of tables where the smocker's sat were the overlockers.


The noise was horrendous so much so the women could all  do an exaggerated form of lip reading and would sit there chatting away to each other without making a sound.


I learnt very early on never say anything out of place if mam could see your lips it......hurt.



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My last job in Nottingham was at City Uniform on Woolpack Lane. There were three of us tucked up the corner (No, we hadn't been naughty, it's just the way the room was set out) We worked on what was described as 'The special machines'. Bar tack, Button, Button hole, Felling and Overlocker, and a Lockstitch thrown in as well. Injury from the Lock stitch was bad enough, but was the least of our worries. If you had a mishap with any of those other machines, the machine would jam, with the finger attatched and a lot of damage and pain would follow. It could be a long and painful job releasing the finger and a visit to hospital followed. Thankfully I was spared the experience mi sen.

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