Hello from descendant of landlord of Plough Inn

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I am researching my family history and have strong links to Nottingham.

My 3rd great grandfather John Wilson was the licensee at the Plough Inn in Radford in 1871 - another relative was a George Wilson who ran a pub in Peter Street in 1881 ( don't know the name of the pub at the moment ) and my other relative John O Wilson killed himself jumping from the castle in 1934 into the Trip to Jerusalem pub narrowly missing someone having a beer who had to go to hospital because of the shock.

Any help people could give me to find old records or particularly photographs of the pub in those days would be much appreciated


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Welcome to Nottstalgia Ali.

Here's a photo of The Plough from a few years ago, although not back to 1871 http://www.picturethepast.org.uk/frontend.php?action=printdetails&keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;NTGM004260&prevUrl=

another relative was a George Wilson who ran a pub in Peter Street in 1881 ( don't know the name of the pub at the moment )

Do you mean St Peter's Street? Because that is the road The Plough is/was on. Maybe your relatives had the monopoly in pubs on that road, and George ran the other one which wasn't The Plough.

And that seems to have been called The Old Rose http://www.picturethepast.org.uk/frontend.php?action=printdetails&keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;NTGM012133&prevUrl=

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Welcome Ali .

I took note of your post as I have more ancestors called John Wilson than you can "shake a stick at" !

Mine were from Morton/Fiskerton and Southwell though , so doubt there's a connection .

My grandad William Wilson however , did move to Nottingham and was described as a barman , at the banns for his wedding (1894) and lived at Wellington St. Nottingham , though don't think he ever got to be a landlord .

Years ago I also sent off for this from the National Archives

...(auction list 1897 ) of Manvers Arms, The Hermitage; William Wilson (tenant); includes schedule and list of proceeds of sale of fittings,fixtures, furniture and trade plant. with plans. ...

Can't remember why now but I discounted this William as being anything to do with us .........anything to do with you ?

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Have you seen the newspaper report of the suicide ? There are 2 references here :


Extracts below but unfortunately you have to pay to see the full article .

"MY TIME IS SHORT" GRAPHIC STORY BY EYE-WITNESS SUICIDE VERDICT LETTERS WRITTEN TO A SISTER Two letters addressed to his morning on John Wilson, 64, a retired licensed victualler, of 178, Mansfield-street, Nottingham, who crashed to his death from the Castle rock on Friday. A verdict that Wilson " Committed suicide by throwing himself from the Castle rock, while temporarily............ Nottingham Evening Post 15/10/1934 East Midlands, England .......

of Mr. John Wilson, the retired licensee, of 178, Mansfield-street, Nottingham, who met with such untimely end in fall from the Castle grounds to th© roadway beneath, on Friday last. The chief mourners were Messrs. Harry Wilson (brother), Jack Butler, Nottingham Evening Post East Midlands, England 16/10/1934

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