List of Some Companies I Recall.

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No, the name doesn't ring a bell.

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Went out with a girl in the 60s who worked at 'Richard Stumps' on Haydn rd,anyone remember what they made?..........and don't tell me 'Cricket Bats' lol.

Neither C&A nor BHS are still on the British High Street Ian, although I think I’ve seen C&A in other European countries, I think they originate from the Netherlands.  BHS went down the other

I worked for Courtaulds in the paint company, International Paint. Once on a junior manager’s course at Leicester University I was sat next to this guy from Exquisite Fabrics?. He was marketing l

My old mate Frank Blair worked for J.Jones for years, you will probably remember him, I keep in touch with him on FB, it was him that encouraged me to apply for a job, I'd just finished my apprenticeship at Cotgrave and I was kind of peed off with that pit and wanted out the industry for a while. Frank was an electrical fitter.


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