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The thread on Bulwell Bogs reminded me of the Long Eaton bogs that were on the traffic island at the junction of the Nottingham and Tamworth roads. As a youngster in the 50's when we as a family had a trip out on Dad's motorbike and sidecar, we quite frequently found ourselves travelling home through Long Eaton and a stop for "relief" at the facilities was almost obligatory!

With all the redeveopment down there the facilities have long gone, but I wonder if anyone else knew the landmark well, and when did they disappear?

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You mean this place - kinda hidden, but you can just see the bogs in the center of "The Green"


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That's the place, Eric. Photo' looks to have been taken late 60's so perhaps they were demolished when the road alterations took place some years later. I moved away from Nottingham in 1971 and seemed to remember they were still there then.

Mick, I hope this doesn't sound too strange, but I can remember those down near the Fire station; you stepped over the wall onto the grass verge up to the canal if I remember.

Next topic may be "Public Conveniences I have Visited" !

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Can anyone remember the type which were just gentlemens urinals?

They were a U shape with just two 'stalls' inside and were built of brown glazed bricks.

I don't think they had a top on, they were open to the elements.

They must be totally extinct now!

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