Songs to have played at yer Funeral!

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Living in a box , Living in a box?.

A Sheffield band. De Da Pete.

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I went to a funeral at Bramcote, For a bloke that I knew where we worked, But suffering the music they played there, Made me wish it was one that I'd shirked. I wouldn't have minded George For

This was the one I had played for my Sue.

As folk arrive "Campfire's Burning" - homage to my Scouting days During "Flash, Bang, Wallop" by Tommy Steele - homage to my camera club As folk leave "I'm On Fire" by Bruce Springsteen,

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''Show me the way home, I'm tired and want to go to bed?''.

''The sound of silence''?.

''Single bed Fox''?.

''A whiter shade of pale''?

''Body Rock''?

'' Wish I was in Dixie.?

'' Too late Bobby Goldsboro''?.

'' The heat is on''?

De Da Pete.

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The Light....... Emmylou Harris

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There was a friend of my dad who would always have a smile on his face and a very infectious laugh. When he passed away they played the full version of the Laughing Policeman at the start and end of his funeral service at Bramcote Crematorium

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as i said in earlier post we went to several funeral a couple of years ago one of those friends was terminaly ill for several years he was given only 6 month at first 7 years later having already arranged his own funeral they played its alright now to start followed by spirit in the sky in the middle and as they plased his coffin into the ground always look on the bright side of life every one sang along to all of the songs singing and whisling to the last one all the men there took the shovels and filed in the grave as they sang it was a real uplift to the day. he also aranged for every one to have a drink on him plastic cups and bottles of whiskey when ever i hear these songs now i think about him and what a lovely way it was to remember him by.

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been today to a funeral in hucknal brought hucknal town centre to a standstill 60 bikes escourted our friend john shaw late owner of trent cars on his final journey first to the church of st mary magdaline hucknal market place the church was paced solid with very little standing room left in the church. then from there to bulwell new highwood cemetarythe sons chosen by him and his familybefore his deathwere bette midler wind beneath my wings to go in inthe middle they chose ozzy osbourns changes a lovely song i had never heard before and to bring him out the church spirit in the sky. .always a great uppplifteronly ever been in highwood once before and never very far in as we were leaving to go to the recepion and celibration on johns lifewe went to try and follow the rd round and come out neare the gates and car park going round the rd i was amazed to ssea lovely heard of deer inside the cemertaryfencenever knew they were in ther not sure but think they may have been pier david deer as they were much smallerand darker than red deer and certaily not roe deer. the reception was held at the park yacht clubon the site of the old pleasure park it brought back such happy memories.

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My other half has put a request in that he would like played smoke get's in you eyes and Oh what a perfect day. Excellent choice I think.

When my father passed away being a Marine we had a Union Jack on his coffin but he was also a pub singer, so as the people went into church we gave them all a tissue and instead of a hymn we had David Whitfield singing I'll join the legion and (if you have never heard the song) its about a man who kisses all the girls before joining the Legion, any way when it came to the words Good Bye Good Byeeeee we ask ever one there to wave their hankie, Just as they used to when sung in a pub.

It was amazing how many came up to my family afterwards and said what an excellent time they had had!

My choice of a song would be Moon River.

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All those tripey modern songs - save them for the wake. The funeral should have music that makes the mourners roar their eyes out. The floor should be awash with tears. Mascara should be running down cheeks. Macho men should be biting their lips to hold it back. For mine (if I decide to go, that is) it will be:

Biem Schlafengehen (Going to Sleep) from Richard Strauss's Four Last Songs sung by Gundula Janowitz.

At the Commitment: Either the finale of Mahler's Symphony No.8, or Salve Regina, the finale to Mefistofele by Boito. What a way to go!

If there is time left for some Vangelis, then even better.

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I went to a funeral at Bramcote,

For a bloke that I knew where we worked,

But suffering the music they played there,

Made me wish it was one that I'd shirked.

I wouldn't have minded George Formby,

But with Madonna I drew the line,

Then we had Rod Stewart sailing,

When Bing Crosby would have been fine.

I just knew what was then coming,

As sure as night follows day,

Francis Sinatra telling us,

That he's done it all his own way.

For the committal that ended proceedings,

Ashes to Ashes sang his wife,

And all thought it doubly appropriate,

As smoking had shortened his life.

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Great choices indeed. I may have 'I'm Still In Love With You ' ....... Thin Lizzy

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