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Great pics Red - thank you!

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Nottingham Walks

Remember those summer lunch-hours hanging around the banks of the Trent, or those freezing cross-country runs?

Relive the memories by joining the "4 Bridges Walk" run by the Nottingham Civic Society.Thursday 13 June 6.30pm.

Meet at the front of County Hall, West Bridgford, opposite the Ford dealers.

Adults £3, concessions £2, accompanied children free.

For more details of this and other walks see website:

Stolen from the Mundella web page for info of Nottstalgians.

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And the lakes were great for fishing, mudgie49.

Many hours spent fishing at Belvoir - over the small bridge separating the two lakes and then immediately on right was our favourite spot.

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Well Wollo was packed out ! Nice day theres always next year?

fab pics! was a great day out, we got there at 12 thanks to the massive queues, had a lovely walk and then a jacket tattie for lunch and had a run about with little one. who knows, we maybe crossed paths!

as for belvour castle, when I first met my other half, on late summer afternoons when we had nothing better to do, we'd have a drive up, park were we had a good view of the castle and go sit on the fence watching the sun set over Nottingham. one of my favourite spots of Nottingham by far. never been in the castle though, maybe one day!

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