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You are correct. The entrance to Collingham footway is still there ( top of Woolmer Road )

When you entered you walked the length of the houses and the 'footway' opened up. Once through on the right was a fish and chip shop and then the school, further down on the right hand side. I think once you had walked through you came in to Ryeland Crescent.

I walked by there the other day.

Kind regards


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Ha yes the chippy near Collingham footway, when I lived on Glapton Road I used to often go there, 4 old pence for a bag of chips & a tanner for a mushy pea mix. Mam used to go to a bingo hall that was converted from a cinema on the corner of Ryeland Crescent & Kirk White street (I think), if she'd had a good win we had a slap up fish dinner, mind you she usually lost & then whinged & moaned. :) ..

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On 12/23/2008 at 1:21 PM, stoffell said:

Yes i did . Born in the front room at 18 ferriby tce in 1957. went to a nursary school clutching my thunderbirds book then onto t/bridge junior, one year at roland green then off to johannesburg. Cant tell you about the 'incident' as sworn to secrecy. Remember eating loads of sweets though.

Hey Stoffell: My best mate at the time went to SA - not sure it was you as I don't recognise your pen moniker. We used to write letters for a time. Check out the 'Born 58, The Meadows' topic. I posted the Trent Bridge Football Team pic from 1968. You in that? 

I lived across the road from Ryeland Crescent Nursery School. 

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This is/was the site on which Collygate school was, just a couple of what looked like old Nissen huts when I was there in about 1957, I took this picture a few years ago from Holgate road






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