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"Trevor S, wherever in the world that I've been staying, I've always been an Englishman from Nottingham. That's why I can't understand how you can put Australia before England. I realise that you've m

Watched a bit of it yesterday. When the Scot lost the first two sets, I thought that was it, but the Brit managed to pull through and win the last three. Like you did last year?

Family Court Ruling from the Courier Mail, Brisbane, Australia A seven year old boy was at the centre of a courtroom drama yesterday when he challenged a court ruling over who should have custody of

Australian Love Poem

Of course I love ya darlin

You're a bloody top-notch bird

And when I say you're gorgeous

I mean every single word

So ya bum is on the big side

I don't mind a bit of flab

It means that when I'm ready

There's somethin' there to grab

So your belly isn't flat no more

I tell ya, I don't care

So long as when I cuddle ya

I can get my arms round there

No Sheila who is your age

Has nice round perky breasts

They just gave in to gravity

But I know ya did ya best

I'm tellin' ya the truth now

I never tell ya lies

I think it’s very sexy

That you've got dimples on ya thighs

I swear on me nanna's grave now

The moment that we met

I thought you was as good as

I was ever gonna get

No matter what u look like

I'll always love ya dear

Now shut up while the cricket’s on

And fetch another beer..

[ Brings a lump to your throat doesn't it.. !! ]

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G'day Beefsteak,

Thought you might like to read this little 2009 article about foreigners in the English cricket team: -

A later article, written during the Aussie Tour of England in 2012: -

It would appear that England cricket has, for some time, been going down the same path as your football by importing foreign players at a great cost to the game, in both money and/or to the detriment of aspiring youngsters in your own backyard.

It will be a shame if it becomes the fashion here in Australia. It is already happening to soccer in this country!

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And a jolly old good morning to you too old chap:-

First things first, we never had to change the laws of the land simply to let a foreigner play for us.

Secondly every one of you is a foreigner any way (I can't see many Abbos in your squad),

and thirdly we're going to kick your bums ......................................................................... again !!


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PS. You , cough, cough, Aussies love living in the past (Where all your greatest feats of sporting achievements are) Look at the England squad now, not so many imports in there now are there ? 9 of the best players in the world and Wisdons player of the year are all home grown talents.!

As for the footy, I'd love to have seen the Australian national squad take a trip to "The Maracana" (That's Brazil by the way) and come away with a very satisfying 2-2 draw. (On the back of beating them 2-1 at Wembly in February too!!)

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Oh I nearly forgot.


And yeah, yeah, yeah, all our medals were won sitting down, yup that old Chestnut that you like to wheel out every time we beat you at something. But try telling it to :- The Shooters, the Athletes (Ennis Farrah, Rutherford) Tykwondo, Boxing, Triathlon, the Tennis players, need I go on ?


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And is this "we" your England X1 that still relies on the South Africans (2) expertise?

"Best players in the world and Wisdons Player of the Year..." - British propaganda and media manipulation.

Then again, you have used most of the world's population to try and regain cricketing supremacy;

quote' In all, 61 overseas-born players from 15 countries – including unlikely places like Peru, Hong Kong, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Papua New Guinea – have played Test cricket for England.unquote

Incidentally, how many Champions Trophies have you won?? - Australia 2. How many World Cups have you won?? - Australia 4.

Talking of our beloved indigenous brothers and the founders of this great land that they so graciously allow us to live on, I think the following statistics speak for themselves: -

The Aboriginal cricketers’ journey to England in 1868 was the first sports team to represent Australia overseas, 14 years before the first Ashes tour. It created the beginnings of what is now considered the greatest battle in modern cricket—the battle for the Ashes. They won 14, lost 14 and drew 19 of their 47 games over six months.

In 1988 a 17-member Aboriginal Cricket Association team celebrated the 120th anniversary of the tour by travelling to England. The team played 28 games, winning 16 of them.

In 2009 a squad of 14 Aboriginal players aged 16-26 retraced some of the famous 1868 tour. They played 11 matches within a month, some at the grounds where the tourists of 141 years ago visited.

This time the Indigenous cricket team won 8, lost 3 and drew 1 of their 12 games.

As far as the natives of this great country are concerned, they are not going to play you lot at cricket again until you can put a decent team together and give them a proper game.

Nearly forgot, didn't our women beat you at cricket recently????????

Beefsteak, old mate, we will whup you or die of embarrassment in the attempt. As far as the soccer is concerned, it is known down here as 'wog ball'. A fledgling game that I am not interested in at this point. Rugby any day and I think we beat you at that, don't we??

The Olympics...get real. You had to win a few more medals than your normal 1 or 2 to justify the costs! What with Lizzies celebrations, centenaries, economic gloom and the pick of most of the worlds nations that live on the dole in Britain now; you cannot call that an Olympic victory. It was fixed from the word go and on top of that, you fielded one or more competitors in every bloody event! In the majority of events that we entered, we at least won a medal - not bad for a little country of 24 million people. How many has Britain got???????????????????


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To quote most of the above , like I said in post 8 , typical aussies living in the past, I mean , how can you claim any credit for an abbo touring side from 1868 ? or one from 1988 that played pub sides

Rugby,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, don't like to do an aussie thing and rest on our laurels but 2003 springs to mind.

Footy , ,,,,,,,,,,,get real, the biggest sport in the world and the country that has less culture than a yoghurt calls it wogball because they can't put a side together.

Olympics,,,,,,,,,,,We beat you in the last Olympics too, and I'm pretty sure Mitchell Watt coming runner up behind Great Britains Greg Rutherford in this one was seen as a tactical masterstroke by all your fellow countrymen.

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:rotfl: Beefsteak, let me thank you for making my day! Your last post just broke me up completely....laughed til I cried.

In reply: -

First.............How many World Cups and Champions Trophies has your lot won in cricket...............Zilch, zero, nought. Forgot to mention that, did we??? Our Aborigines would have been straight out of the bush back in 1868, probably off the reservations back in 1988 and none would have ever seen a cricket bat in their life, much less a wicket. I see you conveniently forgot to mention the 2009 side that also beat you. Can't blame our black brethren for taking their bat and ball and going competition!

Second............Union or League, we still have the points over your Neanderthals. Only decent side over your way would be the Welsh if they'd stop singing, the Scots and the French....good team the French - pity about the language.,

Third.............It's called wogball because it was mainly Europeans that went to any game for ages and it was Europeans that played. As I said, it is in its infancy.

Last but not least, the Olympics. Our swimming team, who normally leaves your lot in its wake, deliberately went out on the tiles so that they would have an excuse to let you win. Otherwise, the glory of your Olympics would have faded somewhat. By the way, did I remember that it was an Australian who had to organise your opening ceremony for you?

As I said.....we will beat you again unless you summon the Druids and similar to cause rain at every match. Only way you will save face.

Let's just wait and see and leave it at that. People may think that we are at loggerheads and not see the funny side. Funny side...Ha Ha Ha - describes England to a T.

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Hang on hang on, what organiser are you talking about ?? Danny Boyle was born and bred in the UK ......

Last but not least, the Olympics. Our swimming team, who normally leaves your lot in its wake, deliberately went out on the tiles so that they would have an excuse to let you win. Otherwise, the glory of your Olympics would have faded somewhat

. And we cocked that one up didn't we ?

As for the result...... The rain gods (Or should that say 'rain lords') of Middlesex are gathering as we speak

Australia, lovely country, ...................Wasted on the bloody Aussies though!


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1.....Provided advisors since your lot thought our Sydney Olympics was the best ever (So I am told).

2.....Yes we did, didn't we...should have sacked the bloody lot of them and started afresh!

3.....Only way you are not going to lose.

4.....It is a great country, Beefsteak. Unfortunately going down the gurgler IMHO - pathetic Government, political correctness out of control, refugee situation out of control, thank God it is only 99 days to the next election which will wipe out the current Labour Government. Her announcement of the election date some 4 months beforehand has stagnated industry and the economy with it now official that we are in a domestic recession.

Scotland looks good!

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I remember the ODI final when they had them in Sydney at night, half the bloody night shift would be missing!

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2.....Yes we did, didn't we...should have sacked the bloody lot of them and started afresh!

I was on about us cocking that one up , not you !!

Scotland looks good! (I couldn't agree more)

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I've just got back from a little camping trip, so I missed my early chance to gloat after yesterdays result, so here goes...................................... pieinfacewereno1thumbsupenglandflag

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Early days, Beefsteak, early days. Takes a couple of days to acclimatise and besides; one has to let your lot win at least one game or they start to bad mouth each other and the Captain resigns.

Incidentally, how many Champions Trophies have you won???? I believe it is England 0 - Australia 2.


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And as I said, "You're only as good as you're last game"........ slywink

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Oh I nearly forgot.

20-20 World cup finals.

Sorry I cant quite remember who won the final of the one you're lot lost !!

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Beefsteak, old chap,

As I've said before (not quoting as it is politically incorrect and some people do not like it), Australia is a fledgling country as far as roundball/soccer is concerned.

Until quite recently, it was made up of local content only, mostly European immigrants and hence the name "wogball", playing on a Sunday afternoon in the local park (sufficient players permitting). To put it bluntly, the average Australian could not have given a proverbial for the game!

Australia never had the luxury of highly paid imports nor a history of the game going back so far in time as your lot.

England has several divisions which each consist of a number of teams. These teams consist of professional players and the teams themselves are extremely financial and probably have a hierarchy of sub-teams from which they can draw on players.

Australia would not have sufficient teams to fill one English division and more to the point, most players are engaged in full time employment away from the football arena.

The decent soccer players we have produced i.e. Kewell, Bosnich have quickly been stolen by your lot.

English soccer has for many years trod the path that your cricket team was walking along....filling their team memberships with players imported from other countries.

Australia has neither the finances nor the wealth of talent to field an international side like your lot; just honest, part-time players who are attempting to put their country on the world soccer map. Some even have to obtain permission from their employers to be absent when the team is overseas.

Taking into account the obvious chasm of disparity between our two teams............I would say that we have already gone half way to scoring the winning goal.

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