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Bowled out for 68 resulting in an innings and 14 runs defeat, embarrassing!

The whole lot of the people in this touring group should be replaced after this dreadful, appalling, atrocious, inadequate, ineffective incompetent, pathetic useless performance. The selectors should be replaced if this is the best they can come up with.

Call them all home and send out one of the county sides, minus overseas players of course, they could not do any worse.

Reduce the numbers of "hangers on" administrators and ineffective specialist coaches and fly out a bare bones outfit that will at least have some fight and try to restore some pride in English cricket.

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Walked past Harold Larwood and Bill Voce in Kirkby this morning......couldnt bring mesen to tell em the score......just got a coffee from Subway and sat and drunk it down at 'Long Off''...........

"Trevor S, wherever in the world that I've been staying, I've always been an Englishman from Nottingham. That's why I can't understand how you can put Australia before England. I realise that you've m

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I can not add any thing else to what you have said Oztalgian.


What has gone wrong with English Cricket??


Come on England don't  lets lose faith maybe need a new team thats Men who can actually  play.

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Now that I have got over my anger and pi$$edoffedness at the way England have not performed in this series there are two players that should get an honorable mention. Joe Root for his batting, not captaincy it seems that unless he can get a hundred or more then England are doomed and James Andersen, the oldest in the team and yet again our best bowler.

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In words similar to those of the late great John Arlott. "Its a cloudy day here at the Sydney Cricket Ground, Australia have won the toss and elected to bat"

It looks like the weather will intervene quite often in what has become the "Pink Test" which supports the McGraw Foundation for breast care in memory of Jane McGraw.


I do not understand the thinking of the selectors having picked essentially the same team which has been obliterated by the Aussies in the previous three tests. Joe Root has started in his usual incompetent manner by not opening the bowling with Wood who at least has speed on his side and has used Broad and Andersen who have been great servants of England but are now little better than medium pace and showed no signs of troubling the opening batsmen

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All in all a creditable draw and saved the whitewash. As the saying goes "Catches win Matches" and Australia dropped a fair few today which allowed England to scramble the draw.

I really hope the England selectors wield the axe for the Hobart test.

Remove Root as captain and allow him to concentrate on his batting. If fit suggest Stokes

Drop Hameed he has been an abject failure, there must be a Pom going round in our T20 that could fill the spot Suggest Notts player Joe Clarke or Alex Hales

Drop Buttler he is not a test class keeper and not performing as a batsman, Bairstow if fit, if not Sam Billings

Drop Leach, largely ineffectual except for the second innings in this test. Liam Livingstone would be my suggested replacement.

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Here we go again. On a monster greentop with overcast weather and the ball swinging England had Australia at 12 for 3 wickets with his boot firmly on the Aussies throat. Then our useless plonker of a captain, Root, brought on Wood and persisted with him and totally wasted the opportunity that the green wicket and cloud had brought. Apart from the farcial dismissal of Labuschagne Australia are romping away from England at 204 for 5. Travis Head has just got his hundred and has been caught for 101, Green has 47.

Joe Root is not captainship material, it is Billings who is providing the encouragement not Root who stands unanimated and mute in his position.


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