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Happy birthday to you Happy birthday dear Philippa/Ada Happy birthday to you.

Just found this, it's hilarious.

Better hire a PRIVATE room in the Roebuck then


Thankyou for the video of Peter Kay, We have laughed so much, My hubby has been in tears. It is Hilarious as you say.Great to know we all hear these things,I shall be listening for more now. :rotfl:

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Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes singing Up Where We Belong

I have always sung ..................."The lift goes up where we belong"

Should be.................................'Love Lifts us up where we belong' "Oh Hum"

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Frankie Valli again (And I have the kids singing it too , shame on me !!)

"When I met you, you were too young, to hang around, where the boobies hung" It should be "Hippies hung"

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Mrs Brown you've got a dirty daughter , Doing all the things she shouldnt do , They say she ----- like hell but golly what a

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Perry Como

"I'll never forget the smell of the sweat from under your armpits"


"I'll never forget the moment we kissed the night of the hayride"

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Damn, blast,#^%*&()_)*(+*__)()*&%)@#$@$^(*))_)*_*(%^#%@#$$%*)_+)+_+*(*^&%^%!!!!!

Good one, denshaw, and yes - we paid up with a slab of VB.

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