Nightclubs in the early 80's

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Here comes Mick now!

I recall going to Isabella's one winters night for a friend's 21st party in about 1975. The stipulation was fancy dress. I went as a bishop and I had to carry one of the girls from work there from t

The artists appearing at the regions night spots used to double book back in these days. My mate used to taxi them about from time to time. He related to me that on one occasion he had to take Tommy

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I recall going to Isabella's one winters night for a friend's 21st party in about 1975. The stipulation was fancy dress.

I went as a bishop and I had to carry one of the girls from work there from the Blue Bell as her high heels were lethal in the snow. Despite our going our separate ways, we married twenty years later!

One lad had turned up as a flasher. When the cloakroom girl asked if she could take his coat, she didn't realise he had nothing on underneath until he took it off.

I think she nearly had a stroke...

...but couldn't quite reach over the counter. :)

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One fancy dress night at Isabella's I went dressed as a goat. I had a sheepskin rug on my back, some horns made out of God knows what, and little else, apart from some underwear to keep myself decent. The piece de resistance was a bag of maltesers which I deposited behind me. The bouncers didnt throw me out, and I'm surprised to this day why they didnt.

My usual routine after leaving Isabellas was either to have a curry in the restaurant near to Isabellas, opposite where the tram stop is now, but this night I walked home to Hyson Green with an army DPM jacket on (Well I want going to go to Yate's and the Bell and other salubrious places wearing nothing but a rug would I? ) and ate at a restaurant on Alfreton Road. I dare not take off the coat and ate my beef madras in absolute silence.

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I am hoping it was in the 80s, but here goes!

At one time I used to be Franklin Hughes 'unofficial' roadie when he did all his live shows from various nighclubs. One day he was chatting about one of his little 'schemes' he was planning and this one entailed me meeting him at what appeared to be some very posh but dated night spot on Station Street not far down from the station. Inside it was a veritable time warp with little circular booths with posh seating, and all these booths surrounded a wonderful wooden dance floor. All the lighting comprised of hidden multi coloured neon tubes suitably hidden in coving in the domed ceiling.

Eventually Franklin bought the place, gutted it, and re decorated it in his style and opened his own night club.

I cannot now remember for the life of me what Franklins club was called, and more important, what the previous night spot was called.

I'm hoping that some good members of this esteemed group will be able to help me out.

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Working in a club- myself and staff visited others- like: shades- part two- micheal isaacs- arriba- scamps- tudor court - madisons- even blotts. The night John Lennon was shot-- we shut up shop went to the Arriba and got buckled then hit the indian restaurant- Kashmir . Next to the solid fuel advisory shop on M M way- played kookan till dawn.

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Oscars small night club think it was on eaither james street or friar lane i could be wrong as i was usally wasted on the way lol was cool I rember one of the djs there jhon he used to do a cool mix of dollar /oh lamour and kenny kens can you dance odd mix but sounded great as it was a small club but powerfull sound system

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Hi everyone!

Thought I'd tag onto this thread as it seemed the most appropriate.......can anyone remember the name of the nightclub in the early/mid 80's that was (I think) situated in the basement of this building opposite the railway station on corner of Carrington Street & Sheriffs Way?
Used to visit it quite frequently with a mate back in early/mid 80's.
I'm not 100% sure but I think it may have began with a Z but I could be wrong.
Can't find any info anywhere on tinternet about it so thought I'd try my luck here.
It's bugging the life out of me.please someone put me out of my misery!:shout:
I've attached image of location.
Thanks all!


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Hello CarlTP


I think the place you are referring to was the Bier Keller (so your guess about beginning with a Z was slightly wrong).  Famous for being the home of Karl & the Heidelburgers.


There are several threads on here which mention it.

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