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My grandfather used to visit his nieces who lived in Birmingham (he travelled on the X99). One of them had four children, all older than me and clever. Their dad was a university lecturer. Granddad would come back and tell us how well they were doing in exams and other things. When the letter came to say I had passed for Bilborough Grammar School we were all delighted and excited. I said "they do not have all the brains in Birmingham". Years later mum said that granddad was quite surprised by my comment about brains in Birmingham as he never realised how I felt. He bought my school uniform. At the time when I passed the 11+ my dad was offered a job in Watford. He turned it down and stayed in his job at the Journal Office because a grammar school place in Watford could not be guaranteed. This was a sacrifice I always remember and appreciate.

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#50 VWGolf It's a sad fact that far too many members of the teaching profession believe dyslexia is an excuse for laziness. We had an uphill battle with teachers when our youngest son was at infants

Spell Checker! We like our Bab's how she is Thank you. Those who have met her know she is a lovely lady. And she's more than a match for those here. I was of a mind to remove those remarks, but ha

My brother and I both passed our 11plus with myself at a higher mark. However, my brother had a photographic memory which is useful when it comes to passing exams. I was a lazy sod at grammar school

Oh dear, I thought this site was called " Nottstalgia " ???? maybe I have got it wrong. To post photo's and recall memories from a bygone age is supposed to be the main subject, hence the name " Nottstalgia ".

I can't see the point about telling everyone about how brilliant or bad of an education we and our offspring are getting or have had.

Some of the comments on here are to my mind are downright nasty and down-putting, and to some members might be a reason for them not posting their views.

Soooo, we have been to school, passed the 11+, gone to grammar school, been to university, and for some of us, we never even got the chance for a good education. But when we have passed on, no one will care and we will be forgotten with rest.

Sorry about the fullstops,apostrophes, hyphens, and all the other squiggly bits, but they are all there but not necessarily in the right order.

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#50 VWGolf

It's a sad fact that far too many members of the teaching profession believe dyslexia is an excuse for laziness. We had an uphill battle with teachers when our youngest son was at infants school, because he struggled with reading and writing. We spent a great deal of time at home to suppplement his school work and though he was trying hard, he didn't improve. During a parents evening we aked his teacher if he might be dyslexic and she said that was just a tag for lazy children. We took her and the headteacher to task on this but they weren't interested. Our son hated school and didn't want to go because he said he useless and the teacher was always shouting at him and making him look stupid in front of his friends.

It was only by chance that a supply teacher took over his class just before he went to primary school. She was a little unconventional, let's say, and she said despite the fact it was almost a taboo subject, she thought he was dyslexic. We paid to have him tested by the Dyslexia Association who reported that he was dyslexic, fortunately not profoundly. The very detailed report was given to his primary school when he moved up shortly after. Unfortunately, again there was little interest and the 'special needs' teacher said there was no funding, despite him being way behind the other children. The Dyslexia Association put us in touch with a specialist and we arranged for him to have private tuition one afternoon per week. The school was against this and asked us not to take him out. We refused and was told he would subsequently be marked absent!! Can you believe it?

With the specialist, the improvement was immediate and dramatic. She also wrote to the headteacher suggesting some simple tactics for him to be supported with in class at school and by sheer resilience we managed to get his situation accepted. By the end of that first year, he was up to the level of the rest of his class. Since then we haven't looked back and he is presently in his third year at University, in line for a first.

Things could have been so much different.

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My granddaughter was diagnosed quite early in primary school and I have to be honest and say at the time I too thought it just an excuse for laziness. However she was very lucky and was well supported at school and is now doing very well at secondary school.

As time goes on she seems to need less support as she has learnt to deal with the situation herself.

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I passed my 11 plus at Greencroft (thanks to Mr Richards, Mr Bailey and my parents) and got a scholarship to Nottingham Girls' High School. I was also offered a place at Clifton Hall and was able to persuade my parents to let me go there instead. One of the best decisions ever, though I doubt we girls realised how lucky we were to go there at the time.

Welcome back VWGolf. A few memories for me there. I was a Greencroft person and remember Messrs Richards and Bailey although I wasn't taught by them. Have you seen the Greencroft photos on Friends Reunited? Jack Bailey is in several, and you might even see yourself there.

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