Mr. Gibson & Trent Bridge Bumps

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In another thread/Forum Foxy said...

I recall that the last few months in Collygate were suffused with tales of the fearsome Mr. Gibson at Trent Bridge.  He had a STRAP and so far as we were concerned every boy received a thrashing with the strap as part of the induction process.  Each boy was then passed to the older pupils to be given a series of Trent Bridge bumps the most favourable outcome of which was a broken spine.

This was all rubbish of course - excepting that the "bumps" were part of the TB culture.  I have a photograph of the bumps being administered in the senior boys playground.  It was printed, believe it or not, in an early 50's FA Book for Boys annual.

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I don't remember Mr Gibson Probably before my time.

There were bumps when I moved there in 63, but the main method of

torture was 'The Rack'. On the first day of new term in September, the new intake from the Juniors would congregate near the front entrance. They would be taken to the back of the school, where their arms were placed over the horizontal bars under the classroom windows. The arms were then twisted up over the bar whilst the "Chicken Peck" was performed on their chest by another torturer. :blink:

Any chance of posting a scanning of that Picture from the 50's FA Book for Boys?

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I was so scared of getting the rack when I moved up to seniors as I was the smallest in the the first year. (& the school at that time) My cousin who was in the second year & was a tough nut saved me. However he moved from Waterway st to Colwick rd & transferred to Greenwood school, (I think) of course the big lads were waiting & I finally got racked, was not nice, Piggy Roberts was on playground duty & chased them off so I didn't get a full racking, phew..

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As i remember if 2 kids had a fight every kid in the school would chant scrap scrap scrap it was amazing how long it was allowed to continue think some teachers turned a blind eye .did not want there name painted on the school roof...

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