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The road over Clifton Bridge turned to clifton just off the picture above, but in the top left corner of the map below.

The road up the Nottm Knight didn't exist, but you can see the gap they left for it.




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I never got school colours. I got county colours for athletics but school colours seemed to go to the rugger buggers. I still bear a grudge about that. 

Most of the colours I got playing rugby at Mellish were black and blue ,sometimes a bit of red thrown in but that could have been blood I suppose.

Here's the new St B's badge. The phoenix rising was the new school being built up the hill but in the same site as the old school:

I recall a road that was behind the Nottingham Night and came out onto Loughborough Rd WB

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@BeekayComing over the bridge towards Clifton (travelling left to right in the photo), just off the right-hand edge of the photo  the road curved right towards Clifton; as Stewart C says, there was nothing going to Nottm Knight for another 10- 15 years.


The road going under the bridge on the right side is Wilford Lane, which is still there but somewhat realigned. On the map you can see where it joined with the road off the bridge.


@MRS BThat would be Landmere Lane which is still there today, albeit a modified version.

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