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Dear Fiends - sorry, Friends   Well another bright, shiny day in paradise!   And Happy Valentines Day! Thank you for all the cards, many of which would make a Bishop blush.

Dear Hearts, How very kind some of you are.   At least three kind postings have flooded in and I’m overwhelmed (do we know of anyone, anywhere that has ever been underwhelmed – and what

Hi Margie,   Thank you for your kind comments.  Where our ages are concerned, and judging from your photo, that makes me 27!   I must confess I'm very new to this "posting" but it'

On 9/15/2021 at 11:04 PM, craft charge51 said:

Hi I was born in 1951 at 15 Graylands Road. My name was Carolyn Richards and I had an older sister, Lynda and a brother, Christopher. My dad Roy worked on Players Fire Brigade and mum, Sylvia, worked in Edmonds beer off on Graylands Road.

I went to Glenbrook Infants and Junior Girls and then to Glaisdale bilateral. I moved when I got married in 1973 but my parents were there until dad died in 2014 (mum died in 1998). Having read lots of posts I have recognised many of the names and can add plenty more. (We lived just around the corner from Sandra Eggleton!!!!) There was Karen and Barbara Kiloran, Glenis, Donald and Candy Scrimshaw, Neil and Pamela Oakden, Graham, Clive and Ann Smith and Mary Wakefield all in our block of houses between Monckton Drive and Staverton Road. My best friend was Julie Moss (her sister was Karen Moss who still lives in the same house on Bramerton Road). 

My dad had a Panther motor bike and sidecar before having a car..

Well I will finish there. Hope some of you remember our family.

I knew Neil Oakden, he was in my year at Bilborough Grammar, and in my very early teens I snogged Glenis Scrimshaw a couple of times!

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On 8/13/2021 at 4:35 PM, Paul Dilks said:

I knew Jimmy Brindley. I lived at 315 Wigman Road.

Between 1947 and 1954 we lived at 34 Plungar Close.

Dad was a plumber who worked in the schools.




I remember you, Did you used to pal about with Colin Wood?

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