Sir David Frost

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He was famous in America, well respected, and always right to the point. You had to pay attention and learn. There was no fluff or filler in his interviews, and the time flew by. In later life,he looked older than his years in my 84 and not 74......either way, the man was pure wisdom and a pleasure to watch. Who will ever forget his head on interview with Richard Nixon!

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:mellow: Sorry to hear of David's passing...........

Loved his satire and sharp wit when hosting TWTWTW back in 60's.

Enjoyed his piercing interviews with well-known personages.

A lad of many talents, a lad who did well in life.

Far too young to go...................

Missed - a likeable personality - God Bless David. xx

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Yes, sad to see him go.

The very early stuff - That Was The Week That Was and the 'intense' interviews were groundbreaking but I agree, he had become a soft touch in recent years.

He always gave Blair an easy ride, and he seemed a little too cosy with contemporary politicians.

I always enjoy watching the interview that he did with Enoch Powell where, quite frankly, Powell ran rings around him and put him in his place!

Worth checking out.

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:mellow: S'pose you could easily say that Sir David Frost had become a National Treasure.

PS: Caught him on the telly a couple of months ago and thought he didn't look very well (seriously); should he have set himself the task of the Cruise talk?

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