What year would you go back to and why?

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I'm not a great reader but did really enjoy this book , "Doomsday Book" about time travel .

Set in the year 2054 these are Oxford academics who are allowed to go back through the ages and witness events as they are about to happen .

This girl is going back to medieval England just before the Black Death is due to strike . She is innoculated against the known diseases but an outbreak of flu in the modern day Oxford hampers her return . Very gripping stuff .

Good reviews :


There was a follow up book called All- Clear , when the heroine goes back to study the blitz in 40's London .


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Take me back to 1976!!

Great Weather,I Did share a bath!!

Fool to Cry,knebworth.

Abbey Crunch biccis and Wimbledon-

Liverpool Express,hot tuna;

Dunlop green flash and teenage love

Not forgetting the 1776-1976 exhibition

The Damned.

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1945...........The year i was born,...........then do it ALL again...........

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1996 - Definitely the best year for dance (house) music both commercial and white label. I loved the couple of years before and up to 2001.

Or, if I'm allowed two second choices 1952 to buy an original Gibson Les Paul or 1954 for an original Fender Stratocaster, I would be a rich man now.

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2000 in order to chase a different rainbow !

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Re #32. Something like that hippo.

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