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I'd love to know which local lake was now a few European Carp light! (cause they sure as hell couldn't buy 8-10 pounders wholesale for less than 20 quid each)

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I started fishing in 1946 on Trent Bridge steps. The river was VERY dirty in those days. I used to delight in catching a few gudgeon and keeping them in a dried milk tin full of water. I was fascinated with my captives and kept looking at them before returning them to the murky river, then catching a no 43 trolleybus back to Bentink Rd. I had a rod made from a garden cane with rings made from safety pins that were whipped on with cotton. The reel was a small wooden thing not much bigger than a cotton bobbin and it was tied to the rod with string..

I got better at fishing and in my teens fished around Wilford power station, Colwick outflow and Beeston Rylands. All free. Managed to catch a few roach and chub alongside the numerous gudgeon and bleak (we called them witlin).

In the 80's I returned to the Trent with some fancy kit ( I was in the tackle manufacturing business) and fished the Nottm Federation and Raleigh waters. WOW! the quality of fishing was incredible on the much cleaned up water. I remember catching carp, barbel, chub and most other course fish AND trout from just upstream of Clifton Bridge.

Not fished the Trent for over 20 years so must return one day.

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Oops! I didn't realise that there was a topic on fishing, so I started one re Fishing on the Trent, which got moved to here. Some interesting stories on this thread though. I fished on the R Wye near Ross on Wednesday and caught a 9lb barbel. I must visit the Trent near Nottingham again just for old times sake. I wonder if it is still possible to fish and park near to the suspension bridge on the Meadows side?

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Only had one fishing trip on Lake Michigan this year - but landed an 18lb King Salmon - there is still some in the freezer!

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Hi Pev

If you fish the Embankment, you`ll have to carry your gear, and have no cover for toilet use.

It`s all free ,yes.

If you want to try it, do it in comfort. On the Google shot below, is Clifton Bridge. You`ll

know it well and how to get there. Off the traffic island under the bridge, is Lenton Lane,

the dotted yellow line gets you under the bridge. I`ve red arrowed a gate which is normally

open in daylight, it`s right alongside the Sat Bains Restaurant. The Eastern section of

the pink line, is Notts Fed. water, daytickets are quite reasonable. The Western section of

pink line is the same club and continues off map to the left, right up to the `Prince Edward

Farm` (now Nottm. Uni. property.)

The turquoise section is a smaller club, `Clifton Bridge Angling` from one peg, (I think)

below the bridge to join the Fed. water lower down.

The benefits, for about £3/£4/£5 whatever, are, parking within a few feet at most, of your peg,

which is invaluable at our age. Take any amount of spare clothing, tackle etc., with no

humping. If you don`t need it, leave it in the car - if you do, it`s there at your elbow.

Plenty of natural cover for toilet use. (Fish the Embankment and you`ll take half your coffee

back home, thinking, "I`d love another drink, but I`d better not."

The pegs and landscape in general are first class at both clubs. In summer, it`s like a bit of

quality parkland there.

If you enjoy walking, humping tons of stuff and have a bladder like a spacehopper, then save a

couple of quid. Most clubs gave up. The fishing deteriorated, the City Council, as the

landowner, thought they could bang the rents up and clubs just walked away.

I`m just annoyed, again, that having composed the piece with sentences, paragraphs etc., which

makes it easier to read, I click 1Post1 and it`s all been banged into one block of continous text.

I`ve tried `Edit`, it all appears as I intended, I click `post` again, a solid block again.

 photo Pev. Cl. Brdge_zpsve965i5z.jpg

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Thanks for that very useful info spikesland9 cool2

The peg opposite to your red arrow was amazingly productive in the 80's. At that time is was controlled by Raleigh AC and I was a member. We could park under the bridge then.

I will make a pilgrimage and fish there again soon. The chub and roach were still obliging in Winter.

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