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Definitely take waterproofs. The rain proofs that are carried by golfers are ideal when cycling. Pack away small and light.

I had a lovely day fishing in a boat for trout yesterday. We set up the gas hobs and had bacon and mushrooms wrapped in Staffordshire oat cakes. 6 of us sitting in the sunshine by the lake at lunchtime. Good for the soul :) 

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(Update on the new venture) Went down to the river this morning as a try out, tied the rod and landing net pole to the bike like I used to when I was a kid, few bits of tackle and a reel in my back pa

I am, for a not so small fee, available for consultations, after dinner speaking, birthdays and Bah Mitzvahs ...  

To all you fishing buffs out there, this obit was in our paper recently. I pray that I may live to fish Until my dying day And when it comes to my last cast I then most humbly pray When in the Lo

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