200 volts DC leccy in the Meadows.

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Poor maintenance at the Substations would be the likely cause Steve, dirty insulators breaking down, it would be unusual for cables to fail, not impossible, just unusual. Each subcircuit from the main Subs usually has a larger capacity than required cable, as the are only carrying 440v 3 phase they'd be rated 660 volts, adequate for both domestic and industrial use.


Around here it's usually a squirrel who is the culprit, but drivers texting can cause long outages when the run off the road and take a pole down.

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It's actually 50/50 to be a cable fault or a fuse tripped at the sub. On the LV subs there are no exposed insulators (unlike PMT's). In the 'Medders' although many have been replaced there are old 'paper/lead' cables still in service and will be for some time to come. They are much more susceptible to faults due to wear, tear  and age related problems.

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