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Ok, so half my flower beds have been ripped up, I have a fox glove planted that has now died back - do I trim it down now and will it flower again next year?

I have covered most of one side in pansies and violas (some of my favorite flowers!) & my corner for my dad and friend is also full of them and a type of dahlia with bright orange pompom like flowers that have some buds that are just beginning to open.

The other side, I have a rose bush not doing much, do I trim this back also? Next to it I have some sort of pink flower that grows in a sort of bush - I'll grab a pic tomorrow. And then I have more types of dahlia that are currently in flower.

Now my real favorite currently in my garden is a clematis, that I bought from a nursery reduced from £15 to £2. It was literally a twig, half dead. I planted it and made a teepee shape with bamboo sticks and as its grown iv wound it around the bottom and will continue to the top as it grows. Can anyone tell me how to make sure it survives the winter and its proper care, I'd love for it to flower next year - no idea when that's due.

Ok now iv told you about the flowers I currently have, can anyone reccomend any autumn flowers that'll keep my garden pretty through the colder months?

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What type of clematis is it? This one of mine is a Montana...just 2 years old ...grows like mad.I've got dozens of cuttings from this,next year I'm going to plant round all the fences.Should be interesting in a couple of years.It flowers in spring.

If you have a young clematis in the ground now...I would protect it from the worst of winter weather with some thick straw round the base.


One plant I would highly recommend is Oxalis Lucky it flowers nearly all the year round...nothing dramatic,just lots of little yellow flowers and attractive leaves.One plant will easily fill a pot or spreads rapidly and overhangs the pots in weeks.We're a week off October and mine are still in full flower.The beauty of this plant is that if you want lots more,you just pop cuttings into water and within three weeks there are roots everywhere ready to pot on.

PS...The bees love it.




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Pixie, Cut down the dead foxgloves once they have dropped their seeds. Don't expect them to grow in the same place next year though. Mine seem to transplant themselves randomly in the garden.

Poohbear, Love your clematis. Used to have one like that growing up the side of my stables at the old house. Never been able to get it to grow as well anywhere else that I have lived. Wonder if it's the soil ph?

I plant up my hanging baskets with heathers, winter pansies, variegated ivy and miniature cyclamens for the winter months. They looked lovely last year even in the snow.

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Mines one with a purple flower, I'll get the name tomorrow morning. Its in large pot so I can move it. Does it need cutting back as its growing new leaves and stems all the time lately.

Love the little yellow flowers. Might have to get one or two of those!

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As Darkasana says the foxgloves appear to set themselves around the garden each year, in places you probably don't want them. Being a wild flower lover, i would carefully lift them and reset where i want them. I find by doing this it sometimes stunts the growth a little but you get a more delicate flower with extra side shoots, just as pretty as a full size flower. good luck Pixie.

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Pixie. Have you organised your plants yet? I would highly recommend Monkshood as an autumn flower. they come inito flower in early September and flower until Mid November. Mine aer still flowering profuselly here in teh far north of Scotland.

Did you find out what to do about your clematis? There are two distinct types one you prune after flowering and one you prune in Autumn. If you have the Clematis Rubra montana (Like the one in Pooh Bear's photo) don't prune it now. It flowers on shots made this year. If it doesn't flower until after June then you can prune it now.

I can let you have some Moonkshood tubers to plant for flowering next Autumn if you want some. One word of caution: Don't let the child eat them; all parts of the plant are poisonous.

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