Moon landings???

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James Burke did a show many years ago where he explained why it was mathematically unlikely we've been visited by 'aliens'. Whilst i can't remember the numbers, the logic made sense. Firstly, if we ca

I Understood the 'tits up' bit Colly

Brain Cox has said "we are the only intelligent beings in our galaxy at the present time," thing is, how will we ever know?

Agreed. Whenever there are reports/films/stories of sightings and contacts (now or in the past), they are always described in terms of the technology of the time. Look at 1950s ideas of aliens and their spaceships, and compare them to 2013 ideas of aliens and their spaceships - they've changed a helluva lot. Those reports just reflect contemporary science fiction of the time.

I like the alien ship in Monty Python's Life Of Brian which looks and sounds like a Ford Cortina.

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James Burke did a show many years ago where he explained why it was mathematically unlikely we've been visited by 'aliens'. Whilst i can't remember the numbers, the logic made sense. Firstly, if we calculate the number of stars * the likely number of planets etc we get to a number so large it's hard to imagine ( we'll come back to that). We then divide that total by some other number (let's say 1000) to get the number of planets that are the right distance from their star to potentially support life. By that we mean planets that will have an atmosphere and aren't completely arid. So we now have a smaller ( albeit enormous) number of planets that could, at one time or another, have had or will have life forms. Now comes the major whittling down.

The universe is 13.8 billion years old.

The Earth is 4.54 billion years old.

Life formed on earth 1 billion years later.

The first animal life came around 540 million years ago with dinosaurs a mere 300 million years ago

Man arrived in a form 6 million years ago

We have had manned space travel for only 52 years

So, out of around 5,000 million years, we have had the ability to leave this rock for 52. If we don't destroy ourselves first, let's imagine we eventually get the ability to 'jump' or have faster than light travel. Let's imagine we have that ability for 1,000 years before we either lose interest in such travel or blow ourselves up.

So, each inhabited planet will, at some time in the past 13.8 million years or sometime in the next 13.8 billion years have intelligent life that gains the ability to travel between stars and does so for 1,000 years. That's 1 / 28,000,000 of the life of that planet. Let's then imagine how many/few other planets this alien race will investigate during this brief period and realise that we are on the edge of our galaxy so might not be near the top of the list for exploration. Let's also then realise how low the odds are of them arriving during the 1 millionth of the time Earth has been around that man has been here. Our entire recorded history is 1/ 2000th of that time also so what are the odds on us knowing if they did visit us once while we were neolithic? The chances are that our time period of intelligent life doesn't coincide with theirs.

James Burke then went on to work out just how many spacecraft these other civilisations would need to make to visit us and other planets as often as we seem to think they do. It was a ridiculous figure.

In a nutshell, what he explained was that, despite there being an unimaginably large number of planets that might, at one time or another, have life forms, it was almost inconceivable that we have been visited by any of them, and if we were then we almost certainly wouldn't know. We either weren't home or aren't due a first visit for another million years.

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DJBrenton clearly has a point. It may be a matter of chance. But I still believe we have in the distant past been visited, we may be being monitored by other beings with extremely advanced technology, and that we are due another visit.

On a lighter side, they will all want to live in the UK.

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How come, when the cow jumped over the Moon, it didn't burn up on re-entry to the earths atmosphere???

Sadly, colly0410, it did perish on re-entry and NASA supplied photographs at the time. I have posted one of the photographs below:-

6cpq3ljhfuanpjdh_v2_.pngIt was such an udder shock that then Friesian Space Programme was cancelled immediately - no bull!

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Which then leaves us begging the question. What was the cow on? and was an autopsy performed on any remains to judge whether any stimulants or performance enhancing drugs were used.

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cow-methane.jpg?w=640Sorry folks, the cows were not on any performance enhancing drugs, stimulants or anything else.

Pure unadulterated methane bull!

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Some time ago, I watched a video on the 'fake moon landing', I found the arguements pretty convincing, but not convincing enough to make me believe.

That said, not all so called conspiracy theories are hokum. Many wars begin with false flag attacks, the Germans dressed condemned prisoners in Polish uniforms prior to the invasion on the 1st September 1939, and then shot them near the border.

The Americans lied about a North Vietnamese attack on their navy in the Gulf of Tonkin, using this as an excuse to bomb Hanoi. There are many other examples of conspiracies initiating conflict. Of course the best conspiracies are never found out.

There can be no doubt that civil airliners were hijacked by mainly Saudi terrorists and flown into the two Towers, but did any Americans know about it beforehand and say nothing, and why did WTC Building No. 7 collapse? It wasn't hit by a plane.

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To Bilbraborn:

As you can see, more closed minds here than those willing to expand their limitations for the sake of the truth. The information is out there, I've given the names, sources and layed it all out plain and simple....and still I get flack. OH....I'm just trying to help the ones like yourself, and right from the start that's all I wanted to do, and stated so.

People don't really want to know how far down the human rase has sunk. Preached lies for so long that the truth can't be accepted.

When I first came upon the truth, I also had a hard time with the discovery of it all.

The Dulce Wars - Presient Eisenhower had three secret meetings with Aliens - Nortic in appearence - this from Pentagon consultant claims. A contract was signed between the president and the aliens.....the contract was again signed later on by Ronald Regan.....papers stolen from area 51.

Beyond UFO's - check out The ILLUMINATI - STARGATE - better known as - Jump Rooms......Berry Obama will get you there.....also check out George Carlin's show at the end of his life....on youtube.

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I see no proof that you have put forwards, so far every thing you've said has been 'debunked' by better people than I.

But OK, Suppose you're right, and the rest of us normal human beings are wrong. When you are proved to be correct (As I'm sure in your tiny mind you imagine you are going to be one day) I'll be the first to stand up, strip off, and let the aliens probe my bum in B and Ms window for all to see.

Until that fateful day, kindly "Put up or shut up" !

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A contract was signed between the president and the aliens.....the contract was again signed later on by Ronald Regan....

Hmmm...Aliens using pens eh?...that's a doozy...Bics or Parkers?

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I have always thought that to conquer the vast distance of space, we would need to conquer time.

So my thought was, if we are able to some how get the time thing under control, is it possible that the 'Aliens' are from our future? or do they exist in a 4th.5th, or even a 6th dimensional world, that co-exists with our own

I read many books that Tyfans has listed , but there is no fact, it is misleading, and takes you on to the next theory,without any proof .My conclusion was that they were the product of a fertile imagination.

The idea in these so called 'Close Encounters',is good for the movies,in saying that, I suppose Tyfans will tell us that the alien in the movie 'Paul' was real, and a 'real' survivor from the 'Roswell Incident'.

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