ISIS Nightclub, Lenton Industrial Estate

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I broke my ankle in The Black Orchid by falling down a step onto the dance floor that I didn't notice in the dark. Being somewhat the worse for wear, I danced on my broken ankle before the anaesthetic properties of the booze wore off and the pain set in! Needless to say, my boss who had taken me onto the dance floor wasn't very sympathetic when I rang him from A&E the next morning to say I wouldn't be in to work!

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Ref: Black Orchid

Wasn't it a flawed concept, putting a large nightclub in an out of town industrial estate?

I think so, the city clubs were better in my opinion. The Black Orchid wasn't a dance club it was a boozing cattle market. Most of the clubs I used (even to this day) have been dance clubs hence you tend not to get p¬°$$ artists and lechers, the customers are there for the music and dancing. The Beachcomber and Dungeon blew the Black Orchid out of the water.

They did exactly the same in Cardiff with a purposely built place called Evolution - It was Cardiff's attempt to compete with the "super clubs" like Cream, Ministry of Sound & Manumission etc, it didn't work, it's closed. Cardiff had a very vibrant clubbing scene and I moved there for one club, the Hippo!! Unfortunately it was closed down for redevelopment which didn't happen for another five years. Without a doubt it's the best club I've ever been to and I've raved pretty much all over the world.

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