1964 Year 4/5a TB Senior school. (IMAGE)

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I am a newbie and went to Trent Bridge Boys School and left in 1958 - Mr Medley and Joe Currah brought back great memories. Mr Medley had a passion for Moonfleet and Joe taught French. The head teacher was Mr Green - very strict. Mr Moss taught Science

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Yes Mick we were all- encouraged to do italic wrting and the school kep[t asking us to buy the Osmeroid pens - I got one forChristmas I remember in Moonfleet a chap called Cracky Jones who was shot in the face.

Mr Medley opened the batting for the masters v scholars - he scored 5. The games teacher - Mr Acklam put a £1 on his middle stump and was cl;eaned bowled by a lad called Webber and yes he was given the money.

The houses were old boys Bosworth, Lake, Laws and mine which was Pearson there were photos of them in the hall - I wonder what happened to them.

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